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 Are we alone in the Universe?     

Are we being visited by Aliens?

Where are the visitors from, and what do they want?

Can Alien Abductions be terminated as a life pattern?

What is the Christian perspective of the UFO phenomenon?

Terstimonials of HOPE

I'm a 31 year old male currently living in Canada. I originally grew up in Romania and moved here when I was 11. I've had a few paranormal encounters as a child that I'll briefly go over. I guess I've always been prone to experiencing this kind of stuff.

Childhood experiences:

When I was around 4 years old my family had some people over and there was a David Copperfield show on TV. I remember that there was a TV card trick (interactive) session where the viewers would place their hand on the TV when asked to participate. There was a warning for children not to participate but I did anyway because I was curious. Something unseen slapped my entire hand away. I was extremely surprised and scared, so I tried again with the same result. It was a hard slap to the back of my hand that moved it from its location on the screen. I realize a lot of those tricks have been explained away but I still can't explain it. It's my first supernatural experience I remember, and it's clear as day.

At around 5, my parents rented this villa in the mountains for the weekend, with another family. They also had a kid who they brought along, who was a year or two older than me. I didn't know him well but we ended up playing around. Around noon, he asks me if I want to meet his other friend. Knowing there was no one else there and he was probably joking, I accepted. The house had this detached half buried portion with a small wood door and walls painted with black tar. I assume it was to keep moisture out. It was cold storage for food and it had to be kept away from the rest of the house due to a bear problem in the area. Romania has the highest concentration of brown bears in the world, and they would roam everywhere at night. He led me to this door and told me his friend was inside. I stepped into the middle of the room, with the only light being daylight from the door and him behind me. I instantly felt something was off and I was paralyzed by fear. What happened next still creeps me out. A very powerful voice started sweeping around us in the room, neither male nor female. It was deep and speaking in a language I can't identify. The walls of this room became fluid and the tar started to run down. I looked at this kid shocked because I thought he was playing a prank, but he had an evil grin on his face and he was laughing as this entity/presence shifted around. I couldn't see it, just feel it and hear it speak. The door started to close behind us by itself and my legs were paralyzed by fear. I couldn't run, no matter how hard I tried. Suddenly I snapped out of it and ran out past him. My parents still remember how scared I was that day, I would not let go of my mom's leg for the rest of that day. Many years later I found that the kid's parents had huge problems with him speaking to "imaginary friends". I was told his mother was into speaking with the dead, and I've seen him cut another kid open with a piece of glass a little later. Very questionable behavior for a child, to say the least. I avoided him after that, but he wasn't in my circle of friends anyway.

Fast forward to when I was around 15, in Canada. I've had the occasional sleep paralysis episode paired by an intense feeling of fear, but this time it was different. Around this same time I was drawing demons and fascinated with movies like "The Exorcist" but that night was unlike anything I've had before or since. It reminds me of abduction stories I've read - or at least the start of them. I was sleeping on my back and I opened my eyes while being paralyzed. Room was dark but there was just enough light to make out the outline of things. I was not alone. There was a presence in the room that I could not see. I heard a very powerful voice moving about the room, laughing. I started levitating off the bed, and while suspended in the air I felt like I was being slapped while being taunted for its enjoyment. It would bring me up near the ceiling and violently slam me back into my bed. This lasted for a minute or so. I felt powerless and I didn't believe in God at the time but I kept trying to speak out and asked Christ for help in my head. Eventually I "woke up", but it didn't feel like waking. It just felt like it was gone and I could move my body. Needless to say, I didn't sleep after that.

My journey for knowledge:

Since these 3 experiences happened in childhood and some of them feel more like remembering dreams instead of memories, I've included them because I find them interesting. That said, I can't say for sure what they were. I still had doubts about the paranormal even after this and I was an atheist until recently. When I hit 28, I had burning questions about reality and just what all this is. I decided to do what any normal person would at this point (haha) - use psychedelics and attempt to find out. I have a good career, I'm responsible and addiction free. Honestly, I won't class psychedelics as drugs and think of them as tools. They scared the hell out of me back then and they scare the hell out of me to this day. Definitely not something to play with. When I started on this 2 year journey, my main interest was to find out how our minds work. I didn't bring any beliefs into it, I didn't buy any of the new age stuff, I didn't believe in a higher power. It was all a big science experiment and I was going to be the lab rat. All my trips were to be done alone. I started with low doses and eventually increased from there. Every time I wanted to find an excuse not to, because of intense fear and anxiety. I didn't find any of it fun. In fact it would take me a month or two between experiences just so I could get my courage up again. I wasn't about to let fear get the best of me though and I saw it as a challenge. Again, totally something a normal person would do! Ok, maybe not. I was eventually able to sort of navigate these altered states as I attempted to be the observer.

I'd mainly use LSD, mushrooms, ketamine and nitrous - often combined. I'd have thoughts that didn't feel like my own, and saw a lot of occult looking symbols. I always had this feeling I couldn't shake, that I was playing with something I shouldn't but I pushed through. I found out some very interesting things. The compounds used don't seem to matter as much and in giant doses they all seem to lead to the same place mentally. At lower doses mental ability is impared, but as you increase and go through a breakthrough your internal voice becomes crystal clear. A breakthrough is when you're completely disconnected from your body and the experience takes over all your senses. It's also always accompanied by this feeling of "coming back" into your body when it's over and it's one step above what people call "ego death" (where you lose your sense of self/ego). It's almost as if the brain acts as a receptor, like a radio. It gets a signal from your consciousness but it's distorted by external factors. Once you separate your consciousness from the body, it's no longer tied down. I have a theory that this could also include mental illness. Terminal lucidity is a well documented medical phenomenon where people with impaired mental functions become lucid in the moments right before their death. Almost like there's a separation between the soul and body in progress and they can once again think clearly. This is what makes these experiences so scary. You'd be out of body and sometimes memories would be gone, but your ability to reason and your internal dialogue is intact. You can be trapped outside of time for what seems like eternity (for all intents and purposes, you DO experience being trapped there for eternity - it's real in the moment). I also think it's a simulated death - simulated only in the way that it's not final and you come back. I've also noticed a ton of similarities between NDE reports and high dose psychedelics. Do psychedelics, die for fun! I'm only joking, I'm still surprised I was able to get my courage up and push through again. I still have no idea how, as I'm not the bravest person. We'll call it stubbornness.

In the middle of my psychedelic journey I also had a ghost encounter. I went to a small town lake with some friends and we all decided to go to an abandoned graveyard in the middle of nowhere once the sun set. I wasn't expecting anything and I'm not afraid of the dark, so I went off by myself to explore away from the bright flashlights. We saw nothing so we got back to the vehicle. 4 people went inside the cab of the truck and 3 of us jumped into the bed of the truck. The cemetery had a small fence around the area and it was maybe 50x100 yards in size, with a large iron gate able to swing open to let a vehicle in. There was a chain going around the end of the gate tied to a post with wire twisted once or twice holding the links together. We put it back the way we found it and started the truck. I heard one of the links slide down so I said half jokingly that there's something there. The engine was turned off so we could hear and we waited. There was no wind and the air was so thick you could slice it with a knife. The chain slid down again, 3 or 4 links made noise like they were being pulled through. We put flashlights on the gate and at this point it started to shake VIOLENTLY. It was like someone invisible had both their hands on it shaking it back and forth. We could see everything as we were 10 yards away, there were no animals or anything there. After all, we had just passed through. This gate probably weighed 70 pounds and it was shaking like it was coming apart and we sped off at this point. There is no reasonable explanation for what we saw, outside of the supernatural. I'm glad I wasn't the only one there because I'd have questioned my sanity given all my previous encounters. We were all sober as well. I believe demonic entities tried to deceive me and get me to believe in the occult, knowing how curious my nature is. My friends have been there countless times since and the only time something happened was when I was there. It was almost like a prelude to the next part.

At this point I have seen a lot of weird mental imagery on drugs, but nothing I'd outright call a paranormal encounter. There was always that feeling of a bad "presence" around me, observing me. I decided that I wanted to learn more, so DMT was the next logical step. I'm not sure how familiar you are with these compounds, but it's considered to be one of the most powerful psychedelics (along with 5MeO DMT, Salvia, Ayahuasca - also containing DMT, etc). Instant out of body experiences, almost guaranteed entity encounters, very short 5-15 minute duration. Perfect for my needs. I ordered the root bark online and extracted the compound very easily. I tested an extremely low dose and WOW - it was stronger than anything else I experienced. It scared me to the point of feeling sick and shaking with anxiety at the idea of doing more. I sat on it for 6 months before I decided to take the plunge. What followed was... well.... I'll just paste what I wrote on Reddit immediately following the experience (excuse the language):

I have smoked lower doses a few times in the past and once I thought I broke through but no. I was so wrong. I got brave last night and loaded probably 30-40mg into my vape and took one big hit. I held it in as long as I could and the second I exhaled, I knew deep inside I fucked up. It was the thickest cloud of white smoke I have seen. My reality melted around me and was instantly transported somewhere else. This time the world was very bright and vivid. I forgot that I ever took a drug. It was way more real than real. I know that's thrown around a lot but I didn't believe it until I experienced it. In all the insanity and intensity I noticed there are other entities there with me. I did not like this one bit, especially since I saw a 2D ape sort of thing with many eyes all over (late edit: it looked more like a red depiction of a Hindu demon, disregard the ape description) jump in front of me and raise its arms like it was casting some spell. I could feel my entire mind and soul being ripped from myself when it did that and I was absolutely terrified. The attacks ramped up and I'm not sure if I blacked out for a bit during. At some point in this experience the entire environment turned dark and a very machine like pyramid noticed me. It felt like I ended up in its realm and I was not welcome there. I could feel that it was very angry with me. In a split second it rushed at me and got right in my face, trying to hypnotize me and again fxxk with my mind. By this point I was freaking out. I think I was yelling but I'm not sure if I hallucinated that. I tried opening my eyes and I think I actually did, but it made no difference. The hallucinations were the same eyes open or closed. I managed to say "help me Jesus" a few times and eventually it zapped the middle of my forehead with a very intense white laser that it had close to the top of its form. That threw me out of its realm and I was slowly starting to come back into my body. It felt like 20 minutes passed before I noticed that I had hands, was human, took a drug, and finally calmed down. I could remember the word "DMT" but I had zero idea what it meant until I started to see my fingers appear.

So what the FXXK did I just experience? How is this sxxt even possible? That is by far the most intense and scary experience of my entire life. Was it a hyperslap? Both entities felt hostile towards me and while the first just enjoyed messing with me, the second was pissed that I intruded into its realm. The lower dose trips were very warm and comforting and nothing like this at all. I am absolutely going to jump back in at some point but I can't comprehend what I experienced. It literally felt like these entities were jumping into my mind and trying to possess me/rape my soul. It felt wrong and evil.

Edit: thanks for the awards!

Edit 2 (Apr 25, 2021): if anyone reads this thread in the future, I should probably tell you what happened after the trip. I started having crazy synchronicities, things happening in my life against all odds, whispers as I'm falling asleep, seeing shadows move around the house (ghost type activity), feeling a presence around me, fun stuff like that. Some major signs from the universe that I need to stop what I'm doing. I have since ended all my psychedelic experiments. I am now convinced these entities are absolutely demonic in nature and are deceptive beyond words. The strange activity stopped after I started praying and my life has been good ever since. I opened a portal by doing what I did. Since then I met a person that had the exact same experience with the exact same entity. He even hit a bird with his car the day after breaking through, just like I did. The coincidences were too great to disregard. Let this be a warning to anyone who is planning on using DMT. I'm stubborn so it wouldn't have stopped me if I read something like this, but maybe someone else can learn from my mistakes. There is real evil out there in dimensions that exist alongside ours. The only way to defeat it is through Jesus Christ!

As you can see, these entities could not handle the name of Christ. That's what caused them to attack and kick me out of the experience. I think this experience was a full-on demonic possession. It took me a month to think everything over and to decide I'm putting an end to my experiments. It was an encounter with the Holy Spirit. I had this mental clarity about all the events that led to this point, how I was deceived by demonic entities to bring me exactly where they wanted. I had this urge I couldn't shake off to get rid of all drugs and drug related items in my house. Two days where I became so restless I couldn't sit down until I did what had to be done. The revealed clarity about events and this urge to throw everything out was supernatural in nature, not something that came from me. It was guiding me but also very stern, it was clear that if I continued down this path something very bad was about to happen. It felt like the next step in the wrong direction would result in me selling my soul. I want to make it clear that it was not fear that stopped me, I could have gotten past that. It was a point where the calculated risk of continuing outweighed any possible benefit. I threw out thousands of dollars in psychedelics and research chemicals. I had a collection that would put Fear and Loathing to shame; every major compound and questionable derivative (of which some I didn't get to try). I decided I've seen enough and I'm giving my life to Christ. This was at the start of this year and the best decision I ever made. My mental health is good, I sleep great, I have no issues. I thought I'd be a perfect candidate for PTSD and being messed up but God protected me!

Closing thoughts:

I reached out to you because I've noticed so many similarities between interactions with entities in hyperspace, NDEs, ghosts and abduction encounters. They ALL have the same thing in common - they can't stand the mention of Christ. I clearly opened doors and I'm very thankful that I managed to close them thanks to God's mercy. I am a curator of information like you and I've read thousands of trip reports, paranormal encounters, etc. My goal at the start of all this insanity was to figure out the nature of reality and I think I was successful. I have no regrets, there was no other way to convince myself. The more I read and the more I learn, the more I realize that God is truth. This includes my interests in ancient civilization and ancient high technology. Brien Foerster, Uncharted X on Youtube are great resources if you're not familiar. They show the evidence of a very advanced pre-cataclysm global civilization that's denied by mainstream academia. I think the evidence speaks for itself and it's impossible to explain it any other way. Perfect stone work and structures that were definitely not built with simple tools. That's another rabbit hole and confirms what the Bible says. Everything fits together.

I hope I broke this down in a way that's easy to read and I'm very excited to hear back from you! Cheers,


"Later that same night I was sleeping and had no problems going to sleep. I later was awakened. Not physically, but mentally awakened. My eyes were closed but my senses were not. I first felt the felling of fear like I had felt on the porch the exact felling, an evil felling. Then I felt my upper body being raised off up out of my bed as if something was drawing me closer to themselves. I couldn't open my eyes and I believe that the Lord didnt want me to see the being or they didnt want me to see them. But as soon as they lifted my upper body from the bed I said out loud "lord Jesus Christ save me". I soon as I said it I was let back down gently, not roughly but gently, and went back to sleep not waking up one bit. I told my friend who is a good Christian the story when I saw him and he was amazed with the story but also with the fact that I cried for the lord while not even being awake. I learned that these beings can touch you as in my case but I know they can't hurt you. You just have to call on the Lord and he will save you like he saved me. R.S.

I heard voices outside of my a party or something. It became louder. I remember being annoyed and how rude they were. The next thing I knew....suddenly I became paralyzed....physically and with the most incredible fear that I've ever felt.....I knew instantly that it was evil. I struggled hard to open my eyes. I saw in front of me, a huge black figure..hooded...and all I saw was his eyes. He had his hand around my throat and he was speaking Latin. I couldn't speak or scream. It felt like something was holding my mouth. I struggled and struggled again to be able to speak....I tried to say the "Hail Mary" was all I wouldn't leave.......finally, after what felt like 30 minutes or did..and I tore out of my apt...across the street, half dressed and called my mother. From that day on, they thought I was crazy. I was not credible for years with my family after that. I was always being referred to psychiatrists, etc.....For years...this thing came to me.....I could give more detail another time. But after I became I dealt with this demon changed too....I began to say the name of Jesus and it would leave......another time.....very, very husband had the same encounter, exactly when I did...he wasn't saved and didn't understand...but it terrified it happened to us both, out son, who was 2 years old at the time, screamed at the same was then I realized for myself that I wasn't crazy...if it happened to them too. 2006.....the presence came back as usual....I was so used to this by now, that I could tell long before it manifested that it was about to happen....I felt my bed start to lift off the floor...and I said..."Oh no you don't....the blood of Jesus Christ" left..poof and never opinion is the name of Jesus would make it leave...but when I said the blood of Jesus never returned....theologically I know that it is the blood that Christ shed for us, that defeated Satan.....I know how terrifying this is when it happens....but remember...the devil is even more terrified of Jesus a Christian, you have the authority to use that name. I'm writing to you I guess. to give you some confirmation and to validate you....I know these people think they are aliens because they look like greys....but what they say happens to them is the same exact thing that happened to me...except the Lord let me see it for what it really times this demon would pull me up and slam me to the floor.....etc. The blood of Jesus Christ...his name is the only thing these demons will listen to. These are not is not psychological..they are demons.....sometimes demons disguise themselves as "angels of light"....other times you can see them for what they are.......God bless you. M.R.

I just listened to your audio presentation on a radio talk show, so I thought I'd share with you my alien experiences.

Often while sleeping, deeply, I feel my spirit person to be lifted from my body and upward toward the ceiling of my room. Before being lifted out, and at the onset of my experience I become paralyzed by a spiritual force that I am unable to see. At that time I can't speak, or move at all, and it is terrifying.

I have always as best as possible tried to utter "The blood of Jesus". Usually I can only barely utter "The Blood", and then the attack stops, but usually I have to speak "The Blood" repeatedly,before the attack stops. It always stops. I have always been sure that it is a demonic attack, but not until hearing about people actually being taken to a ship or a location with seen entities have I become aware that this was probably the intent of demons with me, but they were prevented.

This has not happened to me in over a year, but I am thankful that it has happened, as proclaiming the power of the blood of Jesus and seeing it's power has always strengthened my faith, while making me aware that any idea of extraterrestrial life is probably all of demonic origin. K.S.

I saw one of your you tube videos and wanted to share an experience I had back in 2002. At the time I was 27 years old and wasn't a religious person although I was saved as a young child and did believe in Jesus. In 2002 I lived alone in a small apartment and one night I had what I thought was a dream of shadow like figures standing around my bed. I was startled but at 2nd glance nothing was there so I called it a dream and went back to bed with no further issues that night. The following night I was laying in bed dozing off when all at once my legs were pulled straight and my entire body was pinned to the bed except my head. I strained as hard as I could to move my arms but they wouldn't budge. I was a 6'3" 240lb athletic guy and I was scared to death. I said the Lords prayer out loud and nothing happened, so I screamed, "In the name of Jesus let me go". Immediately what ever had me, let me go. I jumped up and cut all the lights on and found my bible and started reading. Im not sure how these demons were going to present themselves to me "as demons or aliens" but thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they didn't get the opportunity! I have been walking with the Lord ever since and haven't had any experiences like that since. T.R.

There were many UFO sightings while I was in high school. When we were teenagers, my future husband and I actually saw a UFO ourselves from my back porch, so even though I wasn't saved, I sort of asked God to tell me about UFOs. Specifically, I wanted to know what was inside one. That night I had a dream that a UFO landed in the alley behind my house, under the street LIGHT. I got up and went DOWNSTAIRS to see it more closely. When I was standing in front of it, a door opened and I went inside to find that it was completely empty, just a hollow metal shell. Then I woke up. I always took this to mean that UFOs were a sham, not real in the sense that everyone thinks they are.

The second experience was when I was almost nine months pregnant with my first child. One night, after I had just gone to bed, I found myself paralyzed, unable to even speak or open my eyes as I laid on my back. Then I heard what sounded like a million bees buzzing, coming closer and closer. Having been into all kinds of weird stuff, from my reading I knew that this was a standard happening prior to being "abducted" and I broke out into a sweat from panic. I still wasn't saved at this point in my life, but I started repeating the 23rd Psalm in my mind because they were the only verses I knew from the Bible. (When we'd had elementary school assemblies, it was the Scripture that was read to us, which is how I had learned it.) Anyway, when I came to the very last word, "forever", the buzzing, which was almost on top of me, immediately ceased and I was able to move again.

The third experience was two years ago. I was walking around my neighborhood in the middle of the day and when I came to the one area where there weren't any houses, that buzzing started again, directly over my head, very loud and coming closer and closer. I was surprised at their boldness in trying to come for me as a Christian and in broad daylight this time, but I didn't even bother to look up. Instead, I immediately began singing songs of praise to the Lord. Whatever it was over my head stopped descending, hesitated briefly, and then rushed away. Hallelujah! So when I read that the research showed calling on the Name of Jesus stopped abductions, I knew how true it was. D.H.

Firstly a big thank you for your video I just watched on Youtube regarding the authority of Jesus Christ over abductions, excellent information. I have been looking into UFOs and paranormal info for many years and had my own close sightings with my son back in 2010 with some videos of orbs, though not great videoing if I'm honest.

Anyway after reporting on a UFO web site ran by a Mrs Janette Jordan in the UK, we had many sightings which led me investigate and after eventually coming to the same conclusion as yourself I did indeed pray. Needless to say Jesus Christ is now my saviour and I don't get visits any more.

Keep up the good work and peace be with you brother. S.O.

I had gone to bed around 10:00 on a weekday night and was 10 minutes into sleeping when my sister turned the hall light on and woke me up. I am an extremely light sleeper so I got out of bed and slammed my bedroom door shut so that I could sleep. About 20 minutes after falling asleep, I felt a presence enter the room and what appeared to be a shadow move towards me... I screamed and pulled the covers over my head. My heart was pounding and I was telling myself that I must have been dreaming. It was only a dream. I tried to rationalize so I could calm down and about 5 minutes of heart pounding and breathing, I felt something sit, or jump onto my bed. I had a water bed back in the 90's and I KNEW that I was awake at this point. It felt fairly heavy and it began to pant... the most wicked thing I've ever heard! I was so scared that I said out loud, "In the name of Jesus, Get OUT of here!" Whatever it was became totally silent and I didn't know if it was waiting for me to do something... I didn't feel it move or leave. After 20 minutes of cowering under the covers, I slowly reached my hand out and turned the light on above my head. I looked and there was nothing there. I cowered the room and looked in every closet and hiding place to see if my dog or cat was in the room but the door was closed that there was nothing there. I went down stairs and the dog was sitting next to my dad watching TV. I asked him if he heard me scream and he said no... He was oblivious.

Years later I became a Christian and really understood what it was to be a disciple of Jesus, I began to understand the significance of what took place in my room in 1994. The name of Jesus had stopped something from taking place and I thank God that it was HIS name I relied upon and not my own belief, not knowing at the time how powerful HIS name really is.

I don't know what came into my room but I do know that the name of Jesus stopped it from going any further. M.

“Strange Encounters with Another World”

Testimony of Kathy Land by Andy Butcher

for Charisma Magazine, April 2001

The pieces started to fit together the night they dropped her. For years Cathy Land had been by the sense that something wasn’t quite right. There were periods of unaccounted missing time, mornings when she felt heavy and lethargic despite a full night’s sleep, an unsettling sense of somehow having been visited.

Then she woke up with an alien’s face inches from hers.

“He had dropped me. I could feel his breath on my face. It startled him that I woke up. He had this confused- ‘That’s not supposed to happen’- look on his face. The second one still had hold of my legs. I rolled over into a fetal position and went right back to sleep.”

In the morning she told her son what had happened. Usually the family dismissed her recollections as a joke. This time he told her: “Those were not aliens; those were demons.”

“It finally made sense,” she recalls.

Her son’s comment propelled her to the Internet, where she found some Christians who didn’t dismiss her experiences as nonsense. Her faith was enriched and deepened by as she discovered that God’s power could free her from her years of torment.

“I stopped being so scared, and I got mad,” she says. “I finally understood. These things were trying to get the world’s attention away from God, and how better to do that than make people think they are being invaded from outer space? These are not benevolent little E.T.’s come to clean up the environment, fix the hole in the ozone layer. They are not from a distant galaxy. They are raping women, they are murdering animals, they are terrifying children.”

An office manager for a medical supply company, and one-time stock-car racer and singer-musician, Land began to read all she could to learn more about what she had trouble learning for so long. She had been fascinated by UFOs since early childhood, one time reporting a seashore sighting to the police.

“Many times I would have a strange feeling just before going to bed,” she says, by adding that precise memories were hazy when she awoke. “I would feel like something had happened during the night- but nothing I could put my finger on.”

One time her son told her of a frightening encounter he’d had with “a tall man.” She admits that his account had scared her.

But she continued to devour books and TV shows on alien phenomena. She told family members about her experiences and talked about UFOs with friends, though most laughed her off.

“Sometimes it made me feel like I was losing my mind. Maybe I did dream this all up. But there were too many things over and over and over again,” she says.

As she read all the Christian material she could find on the subject after her spiritual awakening, she began to see how she had been so deceived for so long. “Everything started to make sense,” she says, “I realized that everything I had read had probably been happening to me all along, and it scared me. Then it made me mad. How dare they mess with me and my children?!”

Land’s anger over the years her life was “held” spurred her to tell her story to other’s caught in the UFO mesh.

“This is war. It’s the most ingenious hoax there is. It’s a plan to get the world’s attention away from the gospel of Christ, and it’s working.”

She says many exploring the UFO world are, as she was, “searching for love.”

“That’s what they are looking for, really, in their beliefs about aliens. But there’s only one place they will find unconditional love, and they’re looking in the wrong place.”

An active part of her local Baptist church in Jacksonville, Florida, Land says that she now has a peace she never knew before. “I didn’t know it for years,” she says. “It was a miserable existence from day to day. Nobody should be victimized like that. If I can save only one person from being harmed, then I have to do this for God. It’s my offering to Him.

“It’s not the mission field I would choose for myself, she adds. “I would rather be feeding hungry people in India because people wouldn’t laugh at me. [But] who else is going to go and tell them, ‘You all are being deceived?'”







In July of 2011 I began feeling an overwhelming sense of dread before going to sleep, as if I was afraid of falling asleep. On one night in particular I was awakened by something very abruptly. I looked around the living room as I had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs. The TV program I had been eTching was still on but I could feel something in the room with me that I could not see. At once I began being pulled from my couch, through my kitchen table and back kitchen wall outside. When I got outside I could feel the wet grass on my feet and could sleep the fresh cut of the grass. I felt very strong muscular hands on my chest and began to really become afraid. I have been a born again Christian for about 4 years so my natural reaction was to say, “Jesus, help me.” All at once I woke up back on my couch. On another occasion I woke up in a dark room that wasn’t any I had been in before. I could see a display that looked like something you would see in a hospital. I knew I was experiencing the same thing as before so I began to pray and asked for Jesus to protect me. It took longer for me to get back to my bed but it ended the same way as the prior experience, very quickly. I haven’t had this happen to me since then. Praise be to God and His Son Jesus Christ.


For decades I was conflicted like maybe some of your are reading this right now. Sometimes I would think aliens existed.

Other times I thought they did not. Overall though, I must say, I did believe they existed. There were too many credible witnesses to ufos, some decent footage etc. This past summer I finally decided once andfor all to find out if they are real or not. I feared being abducted at night. I decided to make it my mission to find out the truth, whether I liked it or not. Once and for all. Going so far as, if it proved to be real and the bible was not…so be it. At this time I was starting to think some of the stories in the bible were children’s stories anyway. How could Noah get all those animals to fit in the Ark?! I figured a good starting point was to find real footage. I thought that if these aliens really existed, then somebody must have caught them on tape. I searched for weeks. Most of it was fake footage. Then I found some interesting footage. It looked real. I watched it for weeks. I was pretty convinced that the footage was authentic. Something strange started happening (this is where I’m going to start losing some people). Crows started appearing in my yard, even though I’ve never seen a crow in my yard before. I started to notice them

everywhere. My wife and I would go for walks, and the crows would almost seem to follow us around. I dismissed it for the most part. I had won a camcorder the previous december. I decided to see if I could capture the same footage that I thought was to be authentic on the internet. By the way, on this other persons footage the aliens looked like the grey aliens, with the black ‘almond’ eyes that is portrayed in pop culture these days. His footage was amazing. Ufos, hundreds of alien faces. It was really bizarre.

So I go out with my camcorder and start trying to replicate this guys footage. The first night was impressive, but I can certainly see why some would say it’s not. So don’t run away yet! I filmed alien faces in the clouds the first night. Very distinct. Hundreds appeared..along with some other faces. One face had what I would call an evil grin. Well you can film anything in clouds! Yes. That’s why it gets better from here because that was the only cloud footage. I continued filming from that night (in my backyard by the way). I filmed the ‘grey’ aliens during the day! Right in my backyard. Dozens’ of them. They also had the ability to transform (or morph) in the leaves of trees into this ‘giant alien head’. As I started filming more and more, the footage got better! They even got closer! I started posting my clips for all to see. I had some people tell me it was the most amazing footage that they’ve seen! I figured out the technique on how to film them, and my footage kept getting better and better. One night I was filming, I got some crystal clear footage of ‘grey’ alien faces around lights. There were three grey alien heads in the air around lights. Another large (I mean three times the size) grey alien head on the ground, with another one right in front of it! The

footage was so clear you could see the reflectiveness of their black eyes. One interesting detail, I could rarely ever see the entire body. Mostly just the classic grey alien head. Bizarre things began happening. I was getting a ‘sick’ feeling in my

head and ringing in my ears. I could sense when they were close, and I had the urge to film them. It was beyond a ‘sick’ feeling really. They were trying to get into my head. They were indeed trying to possess me. I was constantly fighting it off. Doors started slamming at night (it was worse at night in darkness). Drawers started moving! One night I thought I heard something run through my room quickly. The crows were around my property like never before. I mean, they would fly up right outside my window. One weekend my wife and I traveled about four hours to motel. I had told my wife about the crows. When we pulled the car up to the entrance, I said “look hun, look at the crows.” She said, “yeah”. Then she got out of the car and said,

“Oh my. I didn’t know all of them were right there blocking our entrance to the stairway.” She was shocked that there were about 5 crows there, blocking us. The crow thing is cliched, I know. But this really happened and I’m not going to omit it (Do I think crows are evil? No. But can they be controlled by evil. Yes. Absolutely.). The filing continued. One of the final clips I took was really

strange. What was seen in these clips really defied logic and what we know as reality. Anyway, one of my last clips was a ufo landed in my backyard with an alien figure in front of it. When I was looking for something to film that night, I didn’t see it at first. I figured out why. Because I couldn’t see it with my naked eye. I could only see it through the viewfinder of the camcorder. In fact, up until that point I never experienced it quite like this before. Let me explain, when I would film the alien faces they appeared frozen. Almost like they couldn’t move. With the alien in front of the ufo, it appeared to be moving. Let me just say, it takes guts or stupidity to film this in the first place, but this was terrifying. This time the alien looked like it was moving closer to me. I was probably about 80 feet away. I got up out of my chair and ran back into the house. I knew very early on what these were. And I can tell you for sure, this phenomenon Does exist. But once you know it exists, then what are these aliens? Are they from another planet or what? The truth is far more sinister. Are you ready for this? They are demons. God showed me what they really were. How? Did he speak to me? Well, no, not exactly. God spoke to me how he speaks to many. I’ve heard other people try to describe it, and the best they can say is a ‘knowing’. And that’s the best way that I can describe it too. A knowingness. No doubt whatsoever. Not a little doubt that they were really “aliens”. Not a speck of doubt. NO DOUBT. ZERO DOUBT. This is going on and these things are demons. Near the end, when you realize what you’re seeing is real, I started to come close to a nervous breakdown. It changed my life. I mean I ran to the Bible. I now know without a single doubt that the Bible is totally 100% true! And Yes, all of the animals did fit on Noah’s Ark! I knew immediately that everything in the Bible happened and will happen. I was doubting Jesus Christ before this, not fully but experiencing some doubt, and let me tell you I have never believed in Jesus Christ this much in my life now! Jesus is totally real. The conclusion of my true story. What finally drove me over the edge was hundreds of “alien” faces appeared on my laptop screen. This happened a couple of times before that, but this final time drove me over the edge. I broke down. I prayed and prayed. I slept with a light on in the room one night. I knew hell was real. I knew demons were real. And I knew satan is real. I met with a Pastor. I showed him my clips. He advised me to destroy them. I did. I erased every single one of them. They contained evil. I took his advice to spend my time on healthy Christian stuff than this garbage. And that’s all it is. The entire alien/ufo phenomenon is a lie, or ‘signs and wonders’ that will deceive even some of the elect. Praise Jesus, I was not deceived. That may not be the end of the deception either. satan has been working on this major deception for hundreds of years. More information came to me months later, after I was being attacked. By the way, speaking of being spiritually attacked. If you want more evidence they weren’t aliens…why did the attacks stop when I began calling out to Jesus! The attacks have been much less and not even close to their severity since I’ve made Jesus Lord and Savior in my life. That’s also why I think the so-called “aliens” appeared frozen in the footage. I think they didn’t dare come closer because the Holy Spirit was protecting me. So finally, more information came to me. I also think that there is a good possibility that the “alien” lie will be the explanation for the rapture for non-believers. In the end, you can take what I say with a grain of salt. That’s fine. But my main message is to truly believe in your Bibles! Jesus is real! Jesus

Christ coming back! I praise Jesus forever!

God Bless.



Here is my testimony for you.

When I was age 5 I saw small gray in bedroom in house, daytime, woke up from nap with my Mom and looked in a full length mirror and saw gray on floor looking out from under the bed, could not process what I was seeing, thought it was a child, or an old bald man, then could not categorize and thought it was a monster. Was not having a dream, noted at the time this was not a dream. Thought of touching it, but was scared it might bite me or have teeth. Was scared, curled up by Mom and went back to sleep. Remember asking her if she saw anything after I woke and nap was over.

My Mother remembers me asking her if she had seen anything strange after the nap.

I remember telling my parents a year later, after seeing ET at the movies, that I had seen an ET in the bedroom.

My mother remembers me telling them this about age 6. My feeling at the time was essentially “Darn, I could have had a fun adventure with the ET but I was too scared, I am so dumb, I missed my opportunity.”

Had night terrors some as a young child, around this age, remember woke up at least 1 time dreaming about a multitude of bugs, looked at the wall and thought I saw bugs crawling on it, lots of screaming and it woke my parents up. Also was insistent on checking under the bed and in closet for monsters.

skip to age 12-14 liked my bed mattresses on the floor with no frame, skip to age 16-18 had frame again and memory of this event when I was 5, still checking under bed for monsters/aliens. Habitual routine every night or I could not sleep.

There were no “alien abduction” events from ages 5-20, that I remember, though many other supernatural/paranormal events which could not be classified as “alien abduction”.

I became a born-again Christian Age 20.

In trying to understand many paranormal things that happened to me, while reading the Bible, asking God for understanding, the Holy Spirit seemed to tell me that the alien experience I remembered from when I was 5 tied into the Bible in the verse “And I saw 3 evil spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and the beast and the false prophet.” So I realized this alien was a demon/fallen angel. I have done much thinking and research on understanding how the “alien” phenomena fits into that verse since then.

Age 23-24 one day noticed I was habitually tounging this hard bump inside my mouth, and realized I never used to do that, and realized this bump was something new. It was a hard under flesh spot on the jaw bone, could not be a flesh growth like a tumor, and I could not figure out what it was.

About 4 months later I was watching the Karla Turner DVD I got from Alien Resistance, along with many Ancient of Days conference DVDs, and the Holy Spirit really seemed to make Turner’s statements on automatic or nonvoluntary repression of abduction memories (ie fallen angels have control over the repression and there is no personal choice in this repression), and also the ability for later recovery of these memories. This struck a chord, and at this point I started having memories come back of an “alien abduction” experience. Some of the memories were more body/sensory, and some were visual, some was pieces of conversation. Altogether, what happened went something like this:

My eyes were shut and I was paralyzed and felt drugged, sorta like one might feel when very drunk but without any burning or nausea or dizziness. I felt like I was lying in bed on my back, I thought I must be in my bed, I looked to the left, open my eyes, expected to see my significant other there, he was not, I didn’t see my bedroom, instead I saw a concrete gray room, the light extended out a little ways, but most everything was in shadow, I could move my head and looked around, I saw three grays standing over me, 2 were kinda holding me, another was moving around some. I was intrigued watching all this. They were not causing pain… but then they molested me some, And then there was some telepathic conversation…

for the most part it was really annoying/irritating and also it was hard to focus. I tried to move, but I was paralyzed… eventually they got out a big drill and stuck it in my mouth, it hurt, I tried to ignore the pain and think about something else, but it really really hurt, and I think I eventually blacked out from the pain.

Anyway, once I remembered this, I placed the event to having happened in late Dec of 2006. And looking back, I remembered I had been reading on AR somewhere about ‘seeing things out of the corner of your eyes moving’ preceding an abduction, and remembered I had been experiencing that happen within a week of this abduction event.

I am thinking it was May or June I started experiencing ‘seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes’ again one night. And I realized I might soon have to deal with another abduction experience, even though I knew what it was… I knew it was evil spirits… so I got on the AR and then your CE4 website right then and read the guide to self-deliverance on there, and verbally rebuked outloud in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Just what is written in the guide to self-deliverance, “The Lord Jesus Christ Rebuke You, The Lord Adonai Rebuke You! …” And I stopped seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes.

I haven’t had an abduction experience since, that was May/June of 2007.

Also about 2 months ago I had a very real-seeming dream. In the dream I woke up and my husband was there sleeping, and there was a decapitated alien gray head in between us in the bed. And I felt like I couldn’t talk, but I kept trying until I rebuked it in the name and authority of Jesus Christ in the dream. “The Lord Jesus Christ Rebuke You!” Then I dreamed I woke up, and was telling my husband about the dream (still dreaming though) and when he was acting weird I realized I was still dreaming, and finally really woke up! And then I really told my husband about it. Real-seeming dream within a dream within a dream, I have no doubt demons were attacking me that night. I know this is part of what I have heard you talk about with the 8 R’s, the 6th R is Resist, “when it tries to come back, resist it” this is because it will try to come back, this is typical and normal, they do try to come back and you need to show your resolution to continue resisting them.

I also vaguely remember a couple other abduction experiences, both are fuzzy on details.

As for the bump in my mouth, after believing for 2 years it was an implant, I came to realize it is something called a “tori”, and lots of people get these (who aren’t abductees). I believe these fallen angels maybe could have caused it to grow there, but they also might not have. It could have been there already naturally, and I might just not have noticed it at first. I also think fallen angels could play on pre-existing things like these in abductees to strengthen the belief paradigm that these are real ETs from another place, biological entities of some kind, its all just part of the deception to get people to think they are “aliens” instead of the fallen angels that they are. So it could be I experienced a drill in my mouth, just so they could get me to think this tori that was already there, was an “implant” that they put in.

I know I no longer need to be afraid of them, or worry about the “implant”, which may have had nothign to do with the experiences in the first place, and Jesus Christ protects me from them harassing me or violating me in that way anymore. Jesus makes it so I don’t have to deal with them anymore, He keeps me safe, and I trust Him in that, I have Faith in Him to do that, He has done that, and He is so Good!

Thank you so much for doing all the work you do to let others know that they don’t have to keep suffering from abductions, that Jesus Christ wants to help them be set free from these attacks. God Bless You.


A Response to the Charisma article

“Aliens Among Us”

The article was printed in the April 2001 issue

Greetings Mr. Jordan

I am writing because of what I read in Charisma, April 2001 issue, “Aliens Among Us,” which I subscribe to.

I experienced a strange thing in February/March 1990 which I have shared with my wife several times, which I am describing to you in this letter.

I was by myself (alone) at the time these events occurred, and I was asleep. In my sleep (lying flat on my back) I saw a brilliant blue-white light which came out of a bouquet of light pale-blue flowers above the mirror on my wife’s dresser which is located at the foot of the bed.

The light beam made a complete circle like a light beam rotating from right to left (clockwise) then went back into the center then shot a beam of light right at my forehead. I felt it hit my forehead and something snapped. I sat up in bed, wide awake! For a long time trying to figure out what happened. (There has never been a bouquet of flowers on top of the dresser.)

I saw that beam of light come at me, felt it strike my forehead, and felt something snap in my forehead. I thought about this for a long time and then went back to sleep.

Then I saw (in my sleep, dream, or awake, I don’t really know) 2 creatures that looked just like the picture on page 49 of the Charisma, looking at me from outside the bedroom window. They were peeping over the lower left-hand corner of the window sill. This took place after the light beam. ( All of these events took place early in the morning just before daylight.)

I never felt the same after that event. I have experienced a lot of crying and at times I just break down and cry. For some reason I say, “my soul is crying.”

Anything can start the crying, usually something seen on TV but it is never the same thing. It is always different. I have experienced a lot of fears, which I cannot explain and have no reason to be afraid.

I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old. I have never regretted my decision for following Christ.

Thanks for reading this letter. I do not look upon this as being good as nothing good has come out of it.

No Name

Dear Joe,

I must let you know how your caring and unselfish sharing of your time and knowledge has helped my family. About this time last year I talked with you at your home on the telephone about a tremendously disturbing occurrence with my granddaughter. She was 6 and shared with me over the telephone (we have an amazing connection) from Littleton, CO to my 2nd home in Sun City, AZ. She shared that she had visits from a helicopter outside her bedroom window. There was a sign on it that said, Hey you down there, come up here! She also had trouble sleeping, was frightened and many times “felt” there was just something “that wasn’t right” in her bedroom and was afraid to go to bed at night. She said her little sister wasn’t sleeping well either.

I tried to reassure her without sounding alarmed. When I asked if she told her parents she said they just said it was just the moon, etc. and to just go to sleep. I immediately reassured her there was something I had learned and helped her father with when he had scary dreams when he was little. He would come into my room and we would pray together and say “In Jesus Name, go away!” (basically) then he would fall asleep on the floor by our bed. I told her anything bad has to go away and leave you alone when you call on the name of Jesus to help you.

Then I contacted you!

You so unselfishly shared your knowledge and time to educate me on the demonic relationship these things are and not “just” from another planet. I wrote down your information as quickly as I could and received confirmation from you about calling on Jesus’ name to repel these demons.

I also read everything I could about abductees and how they had stopped their abductions, what worked etc. I prayed incessantly and fervently for that precious little girl. I told only my sister and my husband about this because I didn’t want to betray my granddaughters trust in confiding in me. My sister listened, seemed to understand and believe me and said my granddaughter was lucky I was her grandmother as I was trying to help her. My husband simply said I don’t believe it that stuff.

The next time I talked to my granddaughter I casually asked if she was sleeping better and she said oh yes and went on to talk about other things. I didn’t want to bring up something bad if she was able to be happy and go on with her life but I continued to pray fervently.

I invited her to travel with me to Oklahoma for a family Indian pow-wow in June so I thought I would have lots of time to approach the subject or allow her the opportunity to talk to me while we were alone for a few days. When I flew to pick her up in CO I found she had “instinctively?” done everything I had planned to suggest to her. She had moved her bed away from her window to the other side of the bedroom, she had a metal fan that she turned on at night and over the top of her bedspread she had spread out a quilt I had made her by hand and quilted while on a trip to Calcutta, India where I worked in Mother Theresa’s orphanage for a day, saw her casket and stayed in a hotel across the street. I had many, many remarkable things happen on that trip. One of the nuns gave me some metal Madonna’s (I guess that is what you call them since I am not Catholic) that had been touched and blessed by Mother Theresa. I made a book of pictures of me with her quilt all over India and Nepal and gave her one of the medallions. Also the quilt I made….had angels all over it. I have always called my granddaughter my little angel girl.

All of these suggestions I had learned from you and reading about stopping abductions she had done without me having the time to tell her.

I have not really brought up the subject of aliens…she doesn’t know that is what they are. But she has had been scared of things “peeking” at her since she was tiny. She had a thing about doornobs when about 2 and was afraid of them turning while she was in bed…we all just tried to unsuccessfully reassure her there was nothing to fear but she knew from her own experience but was too young to express it. Once at our home she wouldn’t go into our balcony area because we have a skylight and she saw a leaf moving on it. She was panicky. This went on for weeks so finally I told her grandpa would take the leaf down but grandpa tried everything and couldn’t reach the dam leaf to get it off the steep 2 story roof. Finally months later it blew or washed off by itself I guess but she wouldn’t go near that room until she knew it was gone.

So bottom line, you, we have been successful but I will never rest and continually give gratitude to God for protecting her. Oh by the way, I called on God fervently to release his Angel Michael to battle for this child against the devil and believed it was done. I live in constant gratitude for this. I pray many times daily whenever I think of anything related to my granddaughter, Archangel Michael, Jesus, abductees etc. In July while getting ready to leave AZ to return to my home in OR I went to Sedona and had a picture of my aura taken with a short “reading”. I do this on each trip as I enjoy the feelings and the picturesque rocks in Sedona. The reader showed me the picture and said this is really unusual. There is so much light around your heart it looks like you are very spiritual and have many guides or angels right here near your heart. No, this is so big and unusual it looks like an Archangel right here over your heart! I just thank God for his blessings and confirmations.

I have just had a realization. I remembered my notes from our talk together and my present situation began making sense. I am in extreme pain right now. I have never had health problems of any consequence but the doctors have not been able to figure what is causing my pain. My hips and legs and so painful I am immobile without pain pills. I have had so many blood tests, MRI’s , neurologists etc and no one can figure it out. I can only walk up stairs and move with pain medication and extreme fortitude to withstand the intense pain. I am no longer able to drive and have to rely on family for everything. In fact I am loosing bladder control also at night on the way to the bathroom (more than you wanted to know huh!) I am 59! I have been racking my brain trying to help the doctors with recollection of a fall, anything that would account for this problem. I was recently able to recall when it started…..about this time last year! Right when we talked about my granddaughter and you told me to be prepared because I was going to be attacked! It started very slowly with my hips and legs feeling stiff. I remember thinking was I resting too much in AZ!? I was doing a lot of sewing, watching TV etc. all alone and enjoying the quiet and peace of doing only what I wanted to do for a few months each year. I tried to start walking and exercising but found I was limited and the pain didn’t go away. I compensated and got by but when I returned home in early Aug. I knew I couldn’t stay in AZ alone any longer because I was in pain and couldn’t take care of my self and do everything alone. I was relieved when my painful plane trip home was over and I immediately started going to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. I am still in that process to this day. My husband is very worried about me as I cant do much of anything and am pretty much housebound. Upon remembering what you said about being attacked I have told close family I am taking this out of the hands of doctors alone (continuing with the process) but now I am praying for God to release the devils grip on my health so I can be of help to my family.

Our oldest son had been “attacked” by his business partner with a hostile takeover of their company. He has tried to put the company and my son in bankruptcy with fraud and many illegal and unethical dealings. I have recently been shown this partner is possessed by Satan (sounds weird I know) to do these hateful and immoral things and I have been praying in this vein. My son and his lawyers shortly thereafter have gathered enough evidence to take him to court and stop this horrible travesty.

Satan has tried to attack us but as God has shown me what is truly happening I have prayed for intervention and guidance. Life is good and we can all have victory over Satan with God’s help. I am forever grateful God sent you into my life. I just want you to know how much you are being used and how appreciative my family is to you. I am praying for your strength, wisdom, financial success and fortitude as we battle evil together.

I know I can use it too!

Forever grateful, Lynda

Hi Joe,

Greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. I am writing to you to share a testimony. I hope that you will be blessed and benefited from this in your research and ministry. I am a born-again Christian through my life changing experience through giving my life to Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit. I have often had dreams and visions over the years about different things, many which have come true. I never paid much attention to the UFO phenomenon abduction scenario. Not that I did not believe it happens but that I knew it was demonic in nature. So I was surprised that while I had a vision that a demonic spirit decided to take the form of a miniature UFO. Here is my vision:


I was sleeping this morning but well aware that my body was sleeping (in the spirit). in the vision I was watching a meeting of what looked like Military Affairs. I could not hear what was said in this meeting. In this meeting among officials I could see these spiritual beings that looked human but they were not and they were evil ones. They were dressed in orange and red spandex uniforms and stood all around these officials. I moved past them and went into Condoleeza Rice’s office and watched her. She was not able to see because I was in the spirit. She was standing at her desk and sorting through papers on her desk. I moved closer to her desk and looked at the papers and saw the plans were from the UN. These plans were descriptive and had plans to divide the earth into 10 regions. Then the evil angel came into the office and saw me and stared at me and I felt its gaze on me. I immediately began praying in the spirit so loud that my own sleeping body was doing so.

Then all of a sudden I was looking around in my bedroom in the spirit. When I looked up from where I was sleeping and all of a sudden a miniature UFO came through my window and hovered in the right corner of my bedroom near my bureau. Then I rebuked it in the “name of Jesus” and the UFO left and I awoke. However I was tired and fell back asleep.

When I fell back asleep the UFO came in through my window and hovered in the same corner of room. I rebuked it in the “name of Jesus” and again the evil spirit left. Then I went into my kitchen while in the spirit and saw my daughter was dressed for school but had not gone like she was supposed to. I wanted to scold her and was angry with her for not going to school, but I gave her a tight hug anyway. Then I woke up and fell back asleep again.

When I fell back asleep this time the UFO came again hovering in the same corner. This time I saw a an evil spirit materialize next to my bed even though I could not perceive its shape. Before I was able to speak it tried to physically attack me by probing my neck and I was paralyzed a moment and could not speak. So I lifted my pinky up in the air and spelt out “Jesus help”. Immediately the evil spirit released its grip and I yelled “leave in the name of Jesus and do not come back again”. The evil spirit left and was gone.

Please if you have any comments or leading of the Lord on this experience please let me know. Thank you and may the Lord bless your ministry.

In Christ,


Hey there brother, I just came across Alien Resistance and your site and needless to say I was quite surprised! I had no idea that there were any of my heavenly siblings out there actually doing abductee deliverance! I think it is awesome!

I have been blood bought for 15 years now, but all of my life I have been interested in “fortean” phenomena. The Lord has been after me for years to write a book about the paranormal. I recently began to regain that vision and have been doing some extensive study in UFOlogy for some time now. I am going to write a book, and hopefully do some lecturing, about the truth concerning UFOs and their satanic connections. It is my sincerest desire to see people freed of what is perhaps one of the greatest deceptions that Satan has ever perpetrated on the human race.

I have to say, that until recently, I had a knowledge of Satan and his hatred for God and us. But I had NO IDEA how thoroughly Satan hates us, and wants to destroy humanity, until I began seriously researching this topic.

To go to the absurd lengths, that Satan goes to in this deception (e.g. the dr. pepper episode that happened to a babysitter) just proves how serious a battle we are in. My eyes are opened, yet many of my siblings at church look at me like I’m a nut.

I had an encounter with an undisguised “grey” in my bedroom a week ago. I had just finished going through Keel, or Vallee, or somebody and my wife and I went to sleep. I had trouble sleeping, my gift was full on (discerning of spirits), and I realized I couldn’t move. I felt a presence beside my bed and heard it whispering in my ear. I looked sidewise with my eyes and saw a “grey”, except it wasn’t the cute smooth grey you see everywhere today, it was a hideous, obviously malevolent grey. At first the whispering sounded like my son. I responded with “what….huh?”, and then I saw it reaching for me and hollered “get out!!! The Lord rebuke you, get out!!!”. this woke my wife up, and she thought I was dreaming. It hasn’t returned since, and if it does, I know the Blood of Jesus is my covering, so I’m not afraid.

Be blessed

Sam (Jude 1:3)

There was a reason for me to find this site, unbelievable. I thought I was the one that was crazy, I kept seeing an alien’s face, when I would close my eyes, I wasn’t trying to see them or think of them, when I was tired and wanted to close my eyes and rest a bit. I had marks on my left foot, and couldn’t recall how it got there. or why my genitals hurt, and why?

Or how the dream of being raped, they call it an incubus, was I enjoying this, because in this so called vivid dream, I recall seeing the incubus, as he was on top of me, he was gray like a skeleton type body. Somehow for some reason, it wouldn’t let me open my eyes, and when I did manage to open them, it was horrible. I tried to get it off of me, it wouldn’t let go of me. I tried very hard on the internet to learn of what an incubus really was, and when I learned of what they were, OMG. It is something I would never ever wish for or even think of it, I pray and ask God to help it be gone, as it is not of him or from him. It is evil, and it is a fallen angel, one of Satan’s followers.

It knows how to attack us when we are vulnerable, even when we are not aware. Now that I know there are others out there like me who are not alone, I thank God, I found you.

I write Christian poetry and this one saying of mine is; We walk in the light for God is always with us even in our darkest hour he will never abandon us, For God is good. and last but not least:

When its Springtime in the winter, when the snow starts to melt, I see the birds have come to hear the wind that blows so softly dear. gentle as the rain as it falls to the ground. when nature breaks and opens forth the seasons time has changed.

God Bless this site, for it is truth, and truth will set us free, for evil will die, and become no more.


Please see below for my abduction testimony. I had not heard of your website (until today) or anyone having a similar experience to me, until I started looking on the internet to try and make sense of what happened to me the other night.

I believe I have been having abductions since about the age of 4 (my mother was introduced to occult by her parents at the age of 6) and I subsequently experimented with it throughout my life until now, when I have recently stopped it for various reasons. Please see my testimony below, and please do not supply my email address on your website.

Testimony: ( I was inspired to write this to an internet ‘spiritual’ group I belonged to after my experience). There are many messages on that internet spiritual group from members who regularly state they are abducted by aliens and some even believe the aliens are ‘good.’


Well I had another weird experience the other night. Another paralysis dream and encounter with aliens? and then an encounter with Jesus (in a sense, literally). Yes it’s all weird.. This time it was a large/tall type alien with an almost triangular shaped upper body (large shoulders small waist and squarish kind of head). I haven’t encountered this type before; the last ones I encountered had bigdiagonally placed eyes, skinny bodies and big heads (almost a tall version of ET). During this “dream” I heard a voice tell me that Washington must now tell the people that the aliens are here and are planning to increase their influence over Earth in the coming times. I came to understand that they are working both through the physical and spiritual plane, though I am not sure if they are benevolent or malevolent and I don’t quite understand how they work through the spiritual plane. I sense that they are malevolent, and posing as benevolent a lot of the time.

I was left with a tremendous feeling of fear after my encounter. This feeling of fear lasted for about ten minutes during which time I still felt (but could not see) an uneasy presence around me and did not want to go back to sleep. The only thing I could think to do was pray, and so I prayed to Jesus. I then had for the first time ever in my life a tremendous sense of peace come over me, (associated with my decision to just trust that my prayer would be heard and addressed). I felt protected and the change in atmosphere in my house was amazing; followed by a vision of a dove, and a voice telling me that I must tell ‘them’ to come to me (meaning people I know, but I understood that he was meaning also particularly those that I know who have encountered this type of alien experience also).

These experiences were too real too ignore, and so here I am, telling my story – because I am following through with what I believe the Lord Jesus has asked me to. Oh, and I was definitely awake during the vision of the dove as I had been lying in my bed looking around my room in fear for over ten minutes.

Also, I must say, I have not in the past considered myself a fully devoted Christian type, but find myself heading down that path now.

This is all fully real from my perspective, whether you can call it a dream, a spiritual experience, or me just going mad, I have no idea.



I met Jesus, in 1975 at the age of 23, I am now 57. When I was 17, one night while laying on my bed, in my parents home , ready to fall asleep, my whole body became paralyzed, I could not move. All I could do was feel this overpowering fear. Eventually I fell asleep. This is all I know.

That was the first time I literally became paralyzed with fear. After that it would happen every couple of month, then every couple of weeks, and then more regular.

I got married at 19 and this attack continued until I was 23. I found a temporary way of getting free of the paralysis. Because I could not move physically, I found that if I snorted load enough, through my nose, because it was the only control I had at the time, the noise would wake Mary up and the paralysis would leave me.

After meeting Jesus, ( being born again ), I shared in this thing that was happening to me, ( about the paralysis with fear) and this brother in Jesus, said, ” Rin the next time it happens claim the blood of Jesus.” I did not understand what he was saying to me, but I believed there was something to it. So the next time I became paralyzed with fear, with all the strength I had in me, I was able to lift my arm up to my mouth and with my fingers pull open my bottom jaw and say JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, “in the blink of an eye”, just like that I was free. I have had a few bouts with it over the years, But I stand in the victory Jesus gave me at the Cross. I have authority over these creatures in Jesus name. Amen.

These are no aliens attacks these are demons or fallen angles. Just like the story that they made a movie about, two men in the woods,seeing a UFO, one of the men fell to the ground paralsed with fear. The movie was called “Fire in the Sky”. My life is great know, what ever the devil used to hurt me, Jesus is using to bless me. I know who the enemy is, and he is defieted. Amen


My name is Sharron and I had an experience years ago that is very much like these abduction experiences your web site writes about. I was about 25 at the time (approximately 1973) and living with two roommates in a townhouse apartment. My roommate, who I shared a room with, had gone home to NC to visit her family and I was alone in our room. I recall dreaming of a large black beast with large eyes and sharp teeth snarling and coming at me and I immediately awoke (I am a light sleeper). As the beast approached me I tried to invoke the name of Jesus – to plead the blood of Jesus but found I could not speak! I felt something like a cold clammy hand run down my body from my face down to my feet. I tried to scream but it felt like I had an invisible hand on my face/mouth that made me feel distorted – like I was having something or someone trying to keep me from speaking. I was awake, as soon as I dreamt about the beast with the evil eyes – I woke up, but could not get up! It was as if something was pressing me down into my mattress with its hand upon my mouth – keeping me from speaking. I thought in my mind (I was awake!) “In the name of Jesus Christ leave me alone – I plead the blood of Jesus against you”! Even though I could not speak the words – I just thought them, the entity let me go and I immediately flew up yelling into a sitting position! It was as if I bounced out of the mattress into the air. I laid there a minute trying to figure out what had just happened. While I pondered it, the Lord’s presence filled the room and I heard him say to me: “Peace, be still – do not be afraid – lay back down. He then spoke these words to me until I fell back asleep, peacefully: “In my Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not true I would have told you; I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am there you may be also.” (John 14:1-3)

What is really strange is I do not recall knowing these verses prior to this encounter, but I have remembered them since that night. I was lulled asleep with these words and the sound of the Lord’s voice speaking them sweetly to me! I never thought about it being aliens as at that time it was not discussed – I thought it was demonic, as that is what it felt like. Also, the way the entity let go of me when I just thought the name of Jesus – and pleaded the blood of Jesus, has always spoken to me of evil spirits or fallen angels. I still recall the incident clearly as if it happened last night, but with absolutely no fear.

Thanks for your web site and spiritual insight regarding these invasions of the spirit kind and information on how to fight against them. Praise to the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Background information:

I have belonged to the Lord since I was five years old, and publicly gave my life to him at age 14 – I was born again through Jesus Christ and actively began seeking His purpose for my life at age 21 (1969).


I was a quiet baby that rarely cried or complained until it was time to eat; then, I would complain loudly until I was fed. My speech did not develop in my first year like normal, and then it did not develop in my second year. I was slow to potty train. Some doctors began to suspect that I had mental retardation, but changed their mind when I finally did open my mouth in my third year.

Things were not right in our home, and the divorce battle that began when I was five was nearly as bad as it gets. My older sister, two younger brothers and I lived with our Mom for one year at Grandpa’s house in Archville, where space was tight but we made do.

It was there that I developed a fear of “ghosts,” and it was assumed that I had seen something on TV that I was too young to see. One night, I woke up in bed feeling as if there was something next to the bed that was invisible, yet there. I up took my trusty flashlight gun with the dead batteries, that my Mom had assured me would still be effective. I tossed that thing into the air at the side of the bed after “firing” it, to make sure I had frightened away the invisible enemy. The flashlight gun froze in mid air, which gave me new reason to cry. I tried to wake up my Mom and siblings, but they were out cold as if drugged. I stared at the floating toy in gaping horror, just continually screaming. You have no idea how scary it is to see something move on its own, until you do. I don’t remember what happened after that, except waking up the next morning and being told that I had a nightmare, which I accepted at that time and for years after that. But deep down, the boundaries of what was and was not possible had been redrawn forever in my five-year-old brain.

I had dreams after that; ones that truly were dreams and you can imagine what those were like. Objects and fixtures came alive, with drawers and cabinets opening and slamming everywhere. The shower head in the bathroom looked like a wide vacuum cleaner attachment, and turned to “look” at me. Sometimes my brother “Eric” would be there and we would barely escape from the house. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Young Sherlock Holmes,” the hallucinations had by those characters that got hit with the blow-gun darts were highly reminiscent of the dreams I had at ages five and six. Child psychiatrists attributed these to the stress of the divorce, but in reality I think it was the ray-gun incident alone.

Later in childhood, I developed a fear of being alone by myself indoors. When I was the first to get home from school, I would feel anxiety when the next sibling would arrive into the house and walk toward the room where I was. Who, or what was really about to appear around the corner? I still don’t know exactly what I was so scared of.

Eventually we four kids went from living with our Mom to living with our Dad and the stepfamily that he already had. Any resemblance to the Brady Bunch ended right there. My father sent us to Catholic school, where they taught us repetitious prayers to saints and not so much of the Bible — sorry to have to tell that one like it is. That was in 1983, and we were living right in the middle of what was about to become one of the biggest UFO hotspots the United States had ever seen: New York’s Hudson Valley in the early eighties. The book Night Siege would eventually be written about it, although our story was not in there; our story has never been recorded.

My sister, brothers and I were riding to my Mom’s cabin in the woods for a regular bi-weekly visitation of the non-alien sort when we noticed some lights over the treetops no more than a hundred feet off the ground. They were in that wedge-shaped arrangement reported by thousands that night, and holding perfectly still as any fixed object would, about thirty feet wide. We all assumed as we breezed by that they were the anti-collision lights at the top of some tower or something, until we passed by and I thought and said out loud to everybody: “What was that?” I suddenly realized that nothing like that had ever been there before, and I turned around in the back seat to look out the dirty back window. It hovered a moment longer and then started to move away from the road and out over the cold, leafless woods. Although slow, it began its motion with a relatively sudden start, like it had been bumped. “It’s moving!” I said.

We all just marveled about it and described it for the ones who hadn’t taken as good a look, and so on. I didn’t realize that my mother knew that it was moving in the direction of her cabin, and she was accelerating to intercept it there.

I’d learned everything I knew about UFOs from watching Spielberg movies. I stepped out of the car minutes later feeling pretty lucky to have seen one, and looking up for the slightest possibility of seeing one again. Sure enough, the lights were visible though the leafless branches of the trees, approaching slowly and silently. I shared the news, and my mother and sister were just as ecstatic as I was. My mother flashed “SOS” in Morse code to see what the craft would do. My brothers Eric and Neal stayed in the car because (as I’d say in hindsight) they were smarter.

I remember our neighbor Mert coming out to see what the fuss was, and becoming terrified when she found out. “They’re coming!” she screamed to her husband as she ran back inside.

I thought her reaction was strange.

I was wrong.

My brothers who remained in the car remember a different version of the events than the three of us who stood outside. Whereas it seemed to us like the craft passed by not quite over the house without ever changing speed, both of my brothers agree that it stopped and hovered over the house for aboutthirty seconds before resuming.

We went inside and mixed up some shakes in the blender with ice cream and chocolate milk powder. I don’t think any of us realized how scared we really were until a cat jumped at my Mom’s window and we all screamed. Then, we laughed at ourselves about how we must have thought the cat was an alien or something. Meanwhile, the cat was inexplicably terrified about something and was turning its head to look as it hung from the window by its claws. We just kept laughing because it was kind of funny, but I think it was to reassure ourselves too in a way — like the opposite of that mass hysteria that skeptics talk about. We were laughing to reassure ourselves that nothing was amiss; that the “truth out there” was “coming in here” no faster than we could handle it.

None of us remember any more strange things from that night. But some time after that night, I began to have night terrors when it was time to sleep in my Mom’s loft where my brothers and I retired for the night on those weekend visits. I had this idea that the field mice that were getting in were going to crawl on me when I slept, and they were going to do something. My rational mind could ask the obvious all it wanted: “Do what? They’re just mice. Those things never scared you before.” But, conscious rationality had nothing to do with it. I imagined a cup of my Mom’s herb tea as having the power to change my crazy mind. It was all power of suggestion; the herbs really had nothing to do with it. My Dad heard about it one day and jumped on my ass, going into a long anti-drug speech that was actually very good. It was one of the most valuable speeches he ever gave us, if not the most valuable. Thanks, Dad.

I developed some paranormal abilities at this time. I was able to stare at frogs at the edge of a pond and incapacitate them. I could pick them up in my flat hand, and even bare my teeth and pretend like I would bite their little heads off without impelling them to escape. I could have eaten their legs, and I know they wouldn’t have fled. When I chose to release them with a thought, off they’d go.

After only two years of living with our father, he bought an awesome Victorian farm house in another town. This was the last in what had been a series of moves for us four kids: the sixth in eight years. Fortunately we stayed put after that. So what if the house turned out to be haunted? It wasn’t like the Amityville horror or anything.

The worst ghost-type incident is worth mentioning, not that I’m sure where the alien thing really ends and other paranormal stuff picks up.

There was one particular week in which I woke up every night a minute or two after 3am, and there would be footsteps up and down the hallway outside my bedroom. According to the siblings, the same creaky wooden footfalls would occur some nights even after the hallway was carpeted. Anyway, I lay in bed terrified while every time my mind was able to drift off and think of something else, another thump would snap me back to the scariness at hand. I remember that the way I prayed the “Our Father” was more like recitation than prayer, and the “Hail Mary’s” I prayed were definitely recited. In hindsight, I should have stuck with the “Our Father” and meditated on every word. Even better, I should have called on God in my own words, or allowed the adversarial spirit to show itself so I could declare the Lord’s rebuke at it directly. Oh well, you live and learn.

I was accepted to Purdue University where I pursued an evolutionary biology major. I began to take a side interest in the alien abduction phenomenon for the first time, and read some well-known titles by Strieber, Hopkins, and Fowler. Then, Martin Luther King weekend came around and the entire campus went home to mommy and daddy for the three or four-day weekend. That was when the aliens abducted me for the first time in such a way that I remembered seeing one of them. I began to sit up in my upper bunk after having a dream about being abducted in some faraway place I’ve never been. I looked over to the middle of the dorm room and began to see the top of a hairless head. My memory goes black just at the point where I would have begun to see the eyes.

The next thing I knew, it was morning.

I left Purdue in the middle of my second semester due to extreme difficulties concentrating, making friends and avoiding harassment by dorm-mates. I did not realize that my unusual personality was due to autism spectrum disorder, and that the new food I was eating in the mess hall was inflaming my brain and exacerbating it.

I went back to New York and lived like a fugitive in the cabin-style apartment my Mom had at that time. I was unable to face the wrath of those relatives who were even more disappointed in me than she was. I took a fast-food job; it was what I knew from my high school days. I wanted to be around working people; they were more to my liking than students. They seemed so much more mature. At my job I met “Jodi”, my first girlfriend. I conversed with her mostly by phone, as we were both transportationally challenged. Our conversations lasted over an hour, or as our schedules allowed. During one such conversation, the subject turned to the paranormal.

“Close your eyes,” I said to Jodi, “and try to picture what I’m thinking.”

“I see someone,” she said. “He doesn’t look like us.”

I had been trying to picture some random physical object. “Huh,” I said. “Well, what does ‘he’ look like?”

She would only say that he was “basically like a human,” but you could tell that he wasn’t.

The thing told Beth not to describe its appearance any further until I “got to know them better.” Unlike me at that time, Jodi had only vaguely remembered hearing something in the media about the beings associated with UFO’s and abductions. She was not versed in the subject at all. She believed in God, and she was not sure that what she was seeing could possibly be an alien – until it told her that yes, that was indeed what “he” was.

“He can talk to you?” I asked.

“Yes.” And so, a Menger-like telepathic contactee experience commenced and would last the course of a year or so.

“What’s his name?” I asked. Before Jodi could answer, I had what seemed to be a passing thought that the name was going to sound similar to a certain human name: Alfred.

The alien’s name did sound like Alfred, but it would serve no purpose to report the exact name for the wider audience. The alien also claimed to be from a planet by a name that matches a brand of common consumer products. I thought there was no correlation at that time, but New-Age slogans recently added to the product packages implies that the products are in fact named after this planet or principality. It is advertised openly, and everybody buys the products without thinking anything of it.

I went on to ask Jodi many questions to relay to the aliens, drawing upon all that I knew in biological science. In high school I graduated at the top of my class in science, and I was absolutely prodigious in it even though I hadn’t completed my degree. Jodi was average in science if that, and the answers she gave me indicated that she was in no way making up the information herself. I understand that Christians who stay on top of this topic are generally of the thinking that the aliens are not truly alien, do not come from a planet, and do not possess nuts-and-bolts advanced technology. Although I’m sorry to report that what came out of this experience did not really support that point of view, I can assure that the power of Christian prayer against them would later be confirmed. If they land a physical craft on the White House lawn tomorrow, I can explain how the Bible has this covered and I will stand up to the aliens. In fact, the continued presence of people like me on Earth is a physical restraint against any such thing taking place, and God’s impending abduction — commonly referred to as the rapture — is the drain stopper which (once yanked) will allow an unprecedented mass deception to begin over the humans that remain. The average Christian has read the relevant scriptures.

Another noteworthy thing that came up was the aliens’ endorsement of Bill Clinton, who was running against Bush Senior at that time. The tabloid article with the famous hand-shake picture came out not long after that. While the alien in that picture did not resemble the ones in Jodi’s visions and appeared fake, the endorsement was not and I feel that Jodi may have been a confidential source. Another possibility is that our calls were monitored by the government and leaked by someone trusted with our national security.

I am told by others who have reviewed my notes in their entirety that there are similarities to the experiences of author Howard Menger, and the alien species described in the movie K-Pax. I plan to examine both of these leads after my own work is complete, to avoid undue influence.

I developed unprecedented paranormal abilities at this time which I care not to attempt again for any reason, except the healing ability. And that one I will perform in the Lord’s name only. These included remote viewing, telepathy, and psychic prediction. The potential to perform any of these might seem alluring enough for third parties (be they corporations or governments) to tempt me with money or even by force. But I will not be tempted.

The aliens seemed to want more in the way of my loyalty and trust just as any demon wants from a potential host, and despite my continued religious indifference at that time they were not pleased with how the contact was going. They broke it off in anger as they seemed to think that I was ultimately going to betray them. I had no idea at the time that they were right, as I discovered how loud, overt and sudden their telepathic communication could be. I was alone at home when an angry male voice shouted “Hey!” and I responded with what I knew they wanted to hear. “I will never go to reporters or book authors and tell it as it happened.” I promised.

“Never?” asked the voice.

“No, never,” I said. They are mightily upset at both this account and the analogous fiction I’m working on, but I am now on the side of the Lord and backing down at absolutely nothing.

I first started the fiction story shortly after that, because the aliens said that approach “might be okay.” So, part of my original plan was to obtain their approval before seeking to publish anything. I finished the first draft of a novel in 1994, but it was neither good enough nor was it in any way clear as to what the point of the whole story was. Indeed, I had no idea what I wanted to say except that I envied published New Age authors like Strieber, and wanted to be successful like them. If my efforts had continued according to the aliens’ wishes, my relationship with them would have become more close over time and probably resulted in a work similar to Howard Menger’s or K-Pax, which I believe are works of genuine alien propaganda. This is conjecture based on what others have said who read my notes on my contactee experience and those particular works. I do not intend to review them myself until my own work is done.

I continued to have major visitations every four years or so (on average), including one from a tractor-trailer where I pulled over on the side of the road to sleep. That was in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia which is associated with a supernatural entity known as Mothman. The year must have been 1996, five years before the copyright date of the movie Mothman Prophesies. The intention of “Mothman” in that particular work seems to be to use his precognitive ability to lend the illusion of having the power to decide the life or death of human beings. I don’t remember meeting anything like “Indrid Cold” or Mothman — only the craft, and my levitating up into it.

I eventually changed trucking companies and the state of my residence to Florida, where I was visited as I lay in my bunk facing the back of the sleeper berth. A bluish light source seemed to drop down through the glass sky light as I felt paralyzed all over, while two alien voices seemed to argue in what sounded like “ke-pshsh, ka-pshsh, ke-pshsh.” It lasted about ten seconds before ascending back up. I turned around to see that it was gone, whatever it was.

The trucking profession did not offer much in the way of exercise, and I still did not know about my autism or the mitigative regimen that was indicated for me. I began to make mistakes in my driving; finally resulting in a property damage accident and my admission to my company that a pattern of driving errors was indicating that something was going wrong with me. They forced me to go on medical leave only a month after I moved into the house I just bought. This timing made it appear like I was bilking the company in order to get the time off to work on my house, and the tone of my company was not friendly in all of my phone calls with the occupational health department.

Working on my property did offer a way to get much-needed exercise, and I was repairing my fence one day when some neighbors pulled up to offer a hello. It was a German immigrant lady named “Gretchen” and her husband, a decorated American WWII veteran. I accepted their invitation to come over for coffee.

We all took a liking to one another, and I found out that they were both born-again Christians. I had never heard the message of Christ like Gretchen told it, and for some reason found myself more willing to listen to her than anyone else previously. In subsequent visits, we learned one another’s life stories and that we were all similarly acquainted with the paranormal. One story of Gretchen’s in particular caught my attention.

“I woke up one night at our house in Lake City,” she told me. “I could see three tall soldiers — fallen angels — eight, nine, ten feet tall. Huge.”

I asked, and got her to explain some more about why she thought they were fallen angels. While I can’t remember exactly what she said I remember concluding that we had seen the same manner of beings, but that she had interpreted what she had seen through a religious filter of sorts; interpreting what she saw to comport with her pre-established belief system. I listened to the rest as she spoke it in her German-American accent.

“I could see them beyond the surface of the wall, like they were in another dimension and I was still able to see. I heard a voice, a strong voice tell me, ‘Plead the Blood of Christ against them!'” and I did. I shouted, ‘I plead the Blood of Christ against you!’ and they disappeared.

“The next night, the same thing. Except there must have been thirty of them. The same voice told me what to say, and I did… ‘I plead the Blood of Christ against you to stay away! And I never saw them no more.”

I drove home after visiting her that evening and thought to myself that she had to be wrong about the aliens being fallen angels. Was there a rule in the universe (an interplanetary law, perhaps?) that certain religious-sounding utterances had some kind of legally binding power to them, so that humans were not as defenseless against the aliens as one might suspect? If I was really as open-minded as what I purported myself to be, then how did I know she was wrong?

As I went around my property on subsequent days, I thought silently to myself as I constantly do. One day, I remembered some of my worst sins as far as some bad things I had wished on everyone for the way the world treated me. That’s when I went down on my knees right where I was, which happened to be my living room floor. “Oh God,” I prayed, “I acknowledge that I would not know what to do with the power over life and death if I ever had it. That is why I need a Lord, and who did I ever think I was by wanting more and more supernatural power? Thank you for being who you are and making me who I am, and keeping me as far below you as you have.”

I regularly started praying, reading the Bible Gretchen gave me, and going to a small nearby church that was excellent. My faith was tested according to a “Book of Job” pattern familiar to some prodigal returners to Christianity. At some point the trucking company fired me, and I was using my unemployment benefits nearly to the end as nobody would hire me anew. Even if I had been hired, I would have lost the job again because the head gasket of my ’95 neon went out. I had never made an automotive repair requiring a torque wrench before, but I bought the instruction manual and prayed myself through that three-week ordeal, with the parts of that imported engine compartment laid out all over the place. I lost count of the number of times I had to pull things apart and put them back together to make everything exactly right. But finally, I turned the key on a car that was as good as new right before getting my new job at a home improvement retailer.

The new job was dirty, strenuous, and rough. Yet, the exercise did me nothing but good. I was getting continually better. One thing I kept reminding myself was that when I saw the aliens again, I would remember “Gretchen’s prayer” — and I was going to let those aliens have it!

One night, I found myself sitting on a metal floor in a hallway with metal walls lined with two layers of giant rectangular cabinets the right size for holding human bodies. It looked like I had blown or torn my way out of one of them. I know that doesn’t make any sense; I am not Superman. I don’t think I remember the way that happened because God restrains my memory of it, because my ego doesn’t need that. I suppose the fact that I was wearing what a baby wears is also helpful in that regard. It didn’t seem funny or important at that time, and it wouldn’t have to you either. It is one of those embarrassing details that I’m sure most witnesses skip over for the obvious reason, or forego telling anyone anything. So…

There was a messy pile of translucent index cards sitting on the floor. These were data storage devices for the mind-interfacing computer that was hooked up to me while I was in the metal drawer. The cards were like compact discs or DVDs in the sense that information flowed in and out of them by laser light, but the aliens’ computers are entirely optic as opposed to electronic, and as faster and superior as one might imagine. Now, these cards were dumped at my feet, which to me suggest that an entity of God was involved in my liberation. I can explain further.

The “dream-simulator” (as I call it) is a testing device. Different people have varying degrees to which they are “right with God” or “gone away from God,” though Christians will agree there is a threshold that hinges on true belief. The dream simulator is for indicating the most accurate, reliable degree to which a human is capable of calling on God’s power before the aliens initiate direct being-to-being interaction. A person could theoretically convert even as they are being abducted, in that moment of extreme fear while being faced with supernatural adversaries.

While I was hooked up and still in deep REM sleep, the computer simulated a supernatural enemy and faced me with it. I don’t remember the details of that, I only remember that was what it was. I rebuked the entity that was no more real than a pixellated Pac-man ghost drifting across a TV screen, and so all that I destroyed was the TV and the Atari, not the house the equipment was sitting in or its owners. That is how the “dream simulator” serves as a safety device.

“Now what should I do?” I thought. There could have been other humans in the other metal cabinets. Would I put them at physical risk by invoking more destructive power? Was the craft I was on even residing in the breathable atmosphere? Why didn’t God put me back where I go while he was rescuing me from the dream simulator? Then again, it had already been demonstrated that the aliens were not allowed to do whatever they want. In order to be put back, it stood to reason that I only had to “play my cards right” — so to speak.

I picked up the cards and held them upwards to read the alien hieroglyphics. There was a light source above which enabled this, and I had to hold them close to my eyes because I didn’t have my glasses. For some reason I knew the alphanumeric sequence of the alien characters as I was looking at them, but I couldn’t even re-draw them now. I knew a lot of things while I was there that I cannot recall outside of that environment. Anyway, I started putting the cards in some kind of sequence, as if to actually help the aliens to sort through the mess later. This was my way of letting the aliens know that I was done destroying things and ready to be put back on Earth.

A sound from down the hallway caught my attention. A gurney of sorts came into view, but capable of holding up to six people. It was like some kind of hospital cart. The humanoid pushing it came into view, and casually stopped to look at me. It was not the standard type of “gray.” It could have passed for a thin, sixty-something male human except for the lipless mouth and black eyes. It – he – was wearing a gray one-piece coverall such as a janitor might wear.

I dropped what I was doing with the cards and walked over, and populated the upper deck of the people-cart. I hoped I was correctly walking the fine line between resistance and complicity as I lay down and allowed the alien to cover me with a blanket up to my chest.

The cart got moving again, and went some sixty feet before making a turn to the right, and then another quick one to the left. A female voice could be heard bossing some other beings around. The voice was exactly that of one of my female supervisors from one of my employers. I sat up because I understood the psychological reason why they were choosing to do that, and I wasn’t going for it. There would be no more submission. My life was more expendable than my soul if it came down to it.

I could see her: a “head nurse” sort of a figure, ordering other beings like the one pushing my cart. She was ordering them around like a sergeant, as if to convey that she had responsibility and should be listened to, or whatever. She turned to me, and I saw her enormous black eyes. “It’s one of them,” I thought.

“And you,” she said to me, “Like it would kill you to go along with the simplest thing, and you know that our right to do our thing on you seems clear enough to us…”

I was steadfastly refusing to speak as she went on for a few more sentences like that, saying things that I technically dared not agree with. Gradually, the composition of her nagging changed.

“Seeing as how we don’t need anything going off like that again we will have to put you back where you go…”

“Okay,” I said.

She said some other nagging thing that was progressively less soul-endangering than the first thing she said.

“Okay,” I replied.

“And [something something something], to say nothing of what you did to the testing equipment which we will surely re-calibrate to be able to contain you.”

“Okay,” I said a third time, resolving privately that if this ever happened again I would rebuke/destroy all that I saw no matter what the consequences.

“Until then,” she said, and she leaned closer to my face. “Consider yourself spanked!”

I thought, “What?!” I think one of the other aliens reached up behind me with one of their silvery wands and stunned me right then. I’m just guessing, because my memory ends abruptly there. I woke up in my bed, recalled the abduction, and thanked the Lord.

I kept working at the home improvement store, and at one point had to quit for six months to negotiate for a better salary and position. It was right about the time that I succeeded at that in December of ’05 when I had another idea: to start the novel over again. I’m working on getting that done now, and I believe it is going very well.


All right. Well, first I would like to preface by saying I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ (although am very bad at it regrettably) and have been seriously since only 2003 even though I grew up in a strict Christian household (I’m 25 now). I have no history or fascination with the occult (other than the standard ‘dabbling’ most American children engage in i.e. scary movies, books, Bloody Mary, etc.). I’ve backslidden many times, however, and my father was a primary contributory force in mine and my siblings’ growth in a ‘severe broken home.’ I won’t get into that, only to say it was traumatic (although not so much as others have gone through).

My “experiences” or whatever they are didn’t start, or I didn’t identify nor perceive them as “paranormal experiences” until after one of my friends relayed a similar experience she’d had to me. In her ordeal she was asleep on her couch and coming in contact with a ‘being’ she became paralyzed and could hardly breath until she uttered the name of Jesus consequenting in the cessation of the attack. She’s had other encounters, but this one always struck me the most profound. I can’t recall how long after she told me that story I had my first experience, that being neither here nor there, I was dreaming that I was in a vast space with a muted grey atmosphere (the ground was flooded with a half inch to inch of water), almost like an overcast day but more subdued yet expectant, and off some distance there was a wedding party with some ushers, a bride (one of my friends), a groom, and a baby stroller or carriage of some sort. As I approached said party the people began to file away with some urgency with no heed to my person whatsoever. I too began to feel an almost dread urge to leave that place, but there was nowhere to go as that space was empty as far as the eye could see. Then, all of a sudden I was in the hallway in my house, but the only part of my house that existed was that lit up hallway, three closed bedrooms, and an open bathroom. Even though I was in a different location I felt in my spirit the same malevolence that had caused the wedding party to flee was still coming. I went into the bathroom to hide and when I turned on the light there was an older black male standing behind me who I did not know nor had ever seen. He was smiling, but there was something horribly sadistic about his grin. I couldn’t move or do anything. Then, the man began to vibrate rapidly whilst trying to enter my body and at that point I woke up (or thought I did). Now this is where it gets really weird. I was in this state that some of your other testimonials talk about that is in between waking and sleep (but I really thought I was awake) and this is important because it’s always in this ‘state’ that these occurrences happen under. It’s not quite like being awake because I don’t feel fully alert and conscious, but it’s lacks the lucidity and abstractness of a dream (even a lucid dream where one is fully aware that they’re dreaming; it’s more real than even that). Anyway, I was back in my bed thinking I was awake, when all of a sudden I felt that same violent vibration and something trying to enter me. My breath began to leave me forcefully while at the same time experiencing paralysis and even rising in the air a little. It was then I remembered that my friend invoked the name of Jesus to cease her prior experience I related, and at this point in time I did the same and then the “attack” stopped and I woke up for real.

Well, the second time all I remember is that I was in the same dreamish state lying in my bed in the middle of the night when all of a sudden I couldn’t breath, was paralyzed, and couldn’t even hardly see except that I could ‘see’ or perceive a being to the right of me restraining my wrists preventing me from fighting back. The being was like a shadowy outline but more light grey toward the center, smoky and ephemeral in nature. As ‘it’ held me I again called out to Jesus and the incident stopped again.

Now, this third time happened last night. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on aliens, the end-time deception, and the strong delusion God will send and have watched a lot of YouTube videos on the subject also. Last night after dreaming a normal dream I immediately entered the dreamish state, only this time I was in a tight metallic compartment in some sort of vehicle of which I got the distinct impression was traveling upward. The compartment, as far as I explored it, was half-moon shaped with no visible way out, although it did have a window facing interior to the vehicle. It felt so real and I was astonished, and to be honest with you when this segment of the dreamish state commenced, I really thought I was being raptured in my physical body, that’s how real this experience was. I quickly realized this was not the case, but I was traveling somewhere. I was alarmed to say the least, knocking on the metallic walls of the hold trying to escape. When I began to look for a way of escape near the window, that’s when a creature looked in at me, which I can only describe as a “Grey” but not exactly. I immediately said Jesus’ name, and nothing happened. I said it again and still nothing, and that’s when I panicked. I thought that this time whatever was being planned for me would play out in it’s entirety before I got the chance to leave, and it was then that I cried out in desperation, “Jesus Christ help me!” All of a sudden everything melted away and I woke up.

What strikes me about these experiences is that one, they didn’t start until after my friend told me about hers, two, I have no real way of knowing if they truly happened in ‘real time’, but three, I’ve had scary dreams all my life (some arguably a lot more scary than these) but have NEVER felt the need to invoke the name of Jesus in them; only in these three where I was attacked. Now, I’ve had lucid dreams before (which are rare), and I’ve entered the ‘dreamish’ state before too without incident (which is even rarer), but like I stated above, in only those three instances where I was ‘attacked’ have I EVER felt the need or have been compelled to name the name of Jesus Christ.

Sam II


My name is William. Most of my friends and family call me Bill.

I have recently read the book UNHOLY COMMUNION and had to write to you in order to share what happened to me not long ago.

Probably 6 months before I read the book I had an experience one evening. I had gone to bed around 11pm – my usual bedtime. It was not unusual as far as the events of the evening were concerned.

However, it is at this time of the evening that I pray since its very quiet and easier to concentrate on my prayers. I was at a peak in my prayer life then and my prayers were highly concentrated with requests for the saints and I spent serious amounts of my time praying against evil and the evil schemes that are happening world wide – and particularly the schemes that I have learned of through reading Tom Horns material.

Knowing that spiritual warfare is what really makes the world go around – I was praying for the area I live in with resolve. I honestly believe it was my prayers that led to the experience I had.

But as I was saying, I had gone to bed after praying and was sleeping otherwise very well until I awoke @ 3:30am- I could not lift my head to see what time it was and thought that I saw ‘something” out of the corner of my eye standing on the opposite side of the room. I was literally paralyzed and couldnt open my mouth to speak. I knew it was an attack by a demonic force because I recognized the presence. I have been in the presence of demons before where they were making themselves known. And as I have done in the past, I went straight to God in prayer and asked Him to protect me and remove the demon in the room. I also coincidentally felt the “wash of fear” try to overcome me but I rejected it and half out of my own anger from being picked on. Immediately i was able to speak and prayed outloud that “He would take care of it”. And it was gone.

I fell asleep quickly out of knowing I could trust Him. (right after looking up to see what time it was and just to check out the room)

Now what was so strange to me was that I could “see” this thing in my room even though I could not lift my head to view it. It looked to be 6 feet tall and dressed in some sort of spacesuit and a helmet that covered everything but its eyes.

It was in the shape of a man. This was so weird to me. I know it was a demon and knew it was as soon as I was awake. Why did it pose as some sort of “spaceman”?

My answer came when I received Dave and Joes book UNHOLY COMMUNION in the mail not long after that when it was included with some Tom Horn material that I purchased.

Another thing that might have played into this situation was that I had not long before my experience been toying with Pornography. This was most likely opening a “gate” that invited evil into my life. I had repented though and had been experiencing GREAT power in my prayer life and was in an incredible time of worship and warfare when this happened to me. I am convinced because of my particular prayers against the prince of this area I was attacked and was “lied” to – as if they could fool me into thinking Aliens were the culprit. I had already decided much earlier in my life that UFOS were probably some Government flying contraptions and people who experienced ALIENS or Abductions were under spiritual attack from devils. I have always thought this. Reading some of Tom Horns material and Dave and Joes stuff I see now that evil spirits can actually create these “flying phenomenon”. Its all spiritual in nature.

I am continuing my learning into Modern Spiritual Warfare and will continue to pray for your ministries as well. I hope the church wakes up to this reality of life! Please share my experience with anyone you may think would need to hear it.

May God Bless!


I am grateful to the CE4 Research Group for allowing me to relate the Truth I have found concerning the true agenda of UFOs. Although words seldom lift veils, it is my hope through this discernment that somebody somewhere will understand my words and escape this deception that has come upon us as a snare. We’re all responsible for what we believe , and you can’t always believe what you see, because in this case; things are not as they appear, and they appear as they are not!

I always felt different. I wasn’t satisfied with the church’s explanation of truth. If God went to church I didn’t see him there. Faith wasn’t logical to me. I figured man invented God in his own image to give purpose to his otherwise meaningless life. I didn’t want a meaningless life. I knew that somewhere out there the Truth was buried and I was going to find it. And I did…

I decided to study the occult. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. I began to read books on astrology and numerology and it wasn’t long before I was using the knowledge I’d learned to win horse races. From there I studied palmistry and the tarot. witchcraft came later.

One evening as my friends and I were sitting on a hillside smoking a joint (well it was 1973, what did you expect?). Marsha pointed to what I thought was a star. But this star moved, at first slowly and then in the blink of an eye it was gone. She explained that her cousin had previously pointed out a ship to her and now she sees them all the time, and it wasn’t long before I saw them too. I was hooked, something wonderful was happening and I was part of it.

Having friends in high places was cool. It wasn’t long before Marsha and I were a couple of space troopers. Knowing well that ships would appear, we would take unsuspecting friends to desolate places in the middle of the night just to watch their faces when they saw a UFO. Some liked it, some didn’t. One evening we sat at a power plant, and a huge silent glowing red ship hovered above us. Twinnie, one of Marsha’s friends, got out of the car and ran off. we found her later, still running, and took her home. that was the last time she partied with us.

It wasn’t long before I found out what comes around goes around. One of my grateful friends decided to return the favor and asked me if I’d like to party with a ghost. They took me to a sharp bend in the road and parked the car. I soon felt the presence in the car with us. My flesh felt like it was coming off my bones and the hair on my arms stood on end. Richie said, “He’s here.” I don’t know why but a few nights later we went back. I felt the same sensations as before, but this time the spirit came into the car, passed through my body, and looked out of my eyes. I remember thinking be calm, don’t let it know you’re scared. After about a minute it left. God that was horrible. I was glad to get home that evening. I decided I wasn’t going back there anymore.

It was late, so I decided to go to bed. I closed my eyes and began to think about what happened. I began hearing breathing, at first faintly, but then it got louder and louder. I reached for my picture of Christ that was on my dresser. Just as I grabbed it a bottle which was beside the picture was hurled at my face and struck me in the forehead. I saw stars. The breathing stopped and I went to sleep. The next day I had a perfect black and blue circle in the middle of my forehead.

While I was in the library I came across a book on witchcraft. Spells were explained along with strange formulas for potions. I learned that to cast a spell, all I had to do was call upon the name of a demon and tell him what I wanted. One evening I went to driving school with Marsha. She had a point problem along with others. I sat in the back of the room. I decided to test the witchcraft, so I said to the demon “If this thing is real make that guy in the front seat twitch.” Well he about fell on the floor. At that point it was pretty clear to me that I was dealing with a lot more than I could, or should have been. I never tried to cast another spell, but I did start to think about God. Because if Satan existed, then He obviously did also.

Of all the times Marsha and I had encounters with UFOs, I never suspected that anything happened besides what we remembered . Sure there were a lot of night that we got home later than we had planned, but you know you don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time you don’t wonder where the time went. Besides, everyone knows that time flies when you are having fun. To this day I couldn’t say for sure if we ever had contact with anyone, or if we had been abducted. Not together anyway. I was alone the night the ships landed…

One evening I was bored so I decided to hitch a ride to a friend’s house. Mary and I were best friends. She’d never experienced the UFOs with me. I’d told her about it but she didn’t believe me.

When I arrived, no one was home. I figured it better to wait for her than to try to hitch a ride back home. I sat down on a lawn chair with Mary’s dog, Corky. I loved Mary’s house. It sat on a hill and the peace was wonderful here.

Dusk was just settling in. As I sat there I saw a ship silently land about 75 feet in front of me in the field. I thought, “This doesn’t look right,” This thing looked like it came from somewhere closer than outer space. I envision a ship which is capable of deep space travel to look something like what Wil Robinson and his family piloted in “Lost in Space,” large, saucer shaped, and silver metallic. This object was shaped similar to a top but the bottom flared out. From what I can remember it was probably 15 or so feet wide and by not much more than that high. I remember it had 3 lights toward the peak at the top which formed a triangle. It was a rusty color, the color of weathered steel. I could see a railing around the center of the craft and it appeared to be sitting on a tripod which elevated it from the ground. Across the center of the ship was writing I was not able to read. It reminded me of Greek, and this really puzzled me. I thought it looked like the writing that would be across a sorority house, and I thought what the hell is Greek writing doing on this thing? I think I recall a backward small “e” and an “o” with a line though it. There were many more letters, ones I cannot type. I remember thinking again, this doesn’t look right. What was a ship from another planet doing with an inscription that looks like Greek on it.

It was at that point that I could hear the weeds moving towards me. I knew I was being approached but couldn’t see anything. I thought the dog would have sensed trouble but he didn’t. At this point I think I walked up to a tall, rather handsome man in a tan jumpsuit type uniform. I see this man standing beside the ship trying to guide me in to it. I recall nothing about entering or leaving the ship. He was tall and handsome with shoulder length wavy brown hair, and a regular build. I remember reading a tag which was sewn to either his arm or over a pocket. Whatever was on the label I can’t say for sure. Now that I think about it, he was just the kind of guy I’d have been attracted to, yet all I could think of when I looked at him was, what is someone from the government doing here? I remember again thinking this doesn’t look right. I don’t know if it was human appearance, or the tan uniform, or the tag on his pocket but he wasn’t a big-eyed alien. Nothing made sense, the ship was wrong and the guy was wrong. What is someone from the government doing in a UFO? The next thing I remember is standing in the original position I first saw them from. I remember being puzzled by seeing him, yet this part is the fuzziest and I remember everything else very clearly.

I noticed to my right was another identical ship, which didn’t land with the first one. I remember feeling sorry they were leaving. I was sad because I wanted to go with them. I was told that I was one of them, that I was to help people to understand who they were, and to help others accept them (even though I don’t remember speaking to anyone). I watched the first ship lift off. As it ascended I could see what I thought must have been the power source. Three large red glowing circles, one of which seemed to be sputtering as if it had difficulty. I thought again, this whole thing just doesn’t seem right. I decided that maybe these were probe ships. As I watched the ship rise, I said “Bye” and for the first and only time, I heard a noise that went **BLEEP** as if saying good-bye. Then as I watched, the two ships flew side by side to form two brightly lit triangles. They danced in circular motions around one another until the triangles became one. And again I thought, what are they doing? This just doesn’t look right. As they circled one another the most beautiful display of rainbow colors were flowing from them and circling them. They then flew off together. Not more than a minute later my friend returned home. She was surprised to see me in her back yard. I tried to explain to her that I had been entertaining UFOs, but she thought I was high. I wasn’t. Besides, there were times when I was, but I never saw anything like that.

All I could do was think of them. In the weeks that followed I began writing in journals. I was always a daydreamer, but it seemed that I had taken my daydreams to a new level. I would draw geometric forms and become lost with them (Mandalas). I didn’t understand then, but as I was spacing out in my art work I was being versed in what was to become New Age philosophy. My mind was in communication with them as we were somehow telepathically linked. I drew pictures of aliens, and ships, and other worlds. My journals were filled with philosophical questions and answers about why we were here and what our purpose was. I became very aware of myself as I began to examine what I believed to be the Truth. I felt special. My friends were amazed when I’d show them the ships. Amazed that they followed me and appeared when I chose to be with them. At that time in 1974, very little was known about UFOs and as I said, If we were missing time than we figured it was because we lost track of it. None of us ever suspected that anything happened to us that we didn’t remember, Why would we?

Three years is a long time to have a relationship with UFOs. As far as I know I was never treated badly. I don’t recall ever being forced to do anything against my will. I do know that just because I don’t remember, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I believe the purpose of our relationship was to teach me about them, and bring others to them and I did. I brought many others.

It was 1974. I graduated from high school and moved away. I never did see Marsha again. I made new friends, some of which I showed the ships to.

I soon met Connie. She was married and had a 10 year old daughter. We would drive around at night and eventually stop at a seclude area and wait. We did this a lot. I remember one evening we sat and watched a UFO from her car. We returned to her house. We left her daughter there with Connie’s husband and my boyfriend. When we walked through the door we were met by two angry guys. They wanted to know why we were gone so long and what exactly we were doing. We laughed it off. I don’t even think we looked to see what time it was. We thought they were mad because we left them. I never gave it another thought. Maybe I should have.

Connie began seeing the UFOs when we weren’t together. She claimed that one evening she saw a woman looking out of a porthole as a UFO hovered over her car. She claims she left her car and ran off. Her husband wasn’t too happy as he had to walk to get the car she’d left still running in the middle of the road. He didn’t believe in UFOs and he was beginning to believe we had severe mental problems.

One evening as Connie, her daughter Jenease, and I sat watching TV, I said, “Let’s go out in the yard, I think they’re here.” Connie said No but her daughter said, “I’ll go.” Connie lived in the country in a fairly secluded area. We walked to the end of the yard and was right. The ship was above us. We watched as it brightly glowed and hovered silently. All of the sudden we heard the roar of a helicopter approaching quickly. As it came upon us, the UFO glided away. I pulled Jenease down so we were hidden in the weeds. The helicopter hovered above us and shined a search light close to where we were hiding, and then shot off after the ship. I remember wondering, “Who could have been flying that helicopter?” I was glad they didn’t see us.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and for that reason it was very good that I met Diana. Diana was a Christian. She asked me to go to church with her one evening and I accepted. It was a peculiar place, not like the church I grew up in. These people were different somehow. It felt good there, peaceful. After the service I spoke with a woman who was walking beside me as we left the church. Diana and I told her about the UFOs. She stopped walking and she said, “That’s Satan. It’s a deception.” At first I didn’t was to believe her, but I found myself realizing over the next few days that I’d been used. How stupid I was. I never saw it coming. I just didn’t see that my friends in high places had an agenda to destroy me. For the first time I was seeing clearly, or trying to. I began reading the Bible. I didn’t know what I was looking for but I know that I was looking in the right place.

One evening as I was watching TV I saw a ship in the distance coming toward my house. I walked over to the window and as I stared at it, I said, “I know who you are Satan.” The ship flashed a blinding light in my eyes and left. That was the last I ever saw of them. They’ve never returned.

Fifteen years went by. One day as I walked past my book shelf, Erich Von Daniken’s book The Gold of The Gods caught my eye. I stopped dead and said, “Oh my God, I know what you’re doing.” The revelation floored me. Satan was going to land UFOs on Earth disguised as aliens from outer space and they were going to claim to be God. I was shocked! It all hit me out of the blue! At the time I didn’t really understand his full agenda, but I knew the plan. I probably knew it all along.

For the next ten years I spent a lot of time reading the Bible and anything that I could find about alien abduction and the New Age Movement. I knew exactly where the movement was coming from. After all I used to be one of them. All the pieces fell into place. It was all such a perfect plan. I had to wonder where I’d have been today if I hadn’t seen the Truth. A New Age Leader, hanging out with Sheldan Nidle and the rest of Satan’s puppets. They had big plans for me, but I guess God had bigger ones.

I found all too soon that just because I knew the Truth didn’t mean anybody would believe me. After all, people have a hard time accepting Satan exists. Tell them he pilots UFOs, and you’re left talking to yourself. I’ve watched for years and we’ve become conditioned to accept them. Even today I see more and more religions becoming infiltrated by New Age beliefs. Why not? If you don’t know what you believe, then anything looks good. Christians don’t give their faith the consideration they do to buying a car. Religion is going down because they never knew Christ. They worshipped a synthetic one instead of the real one. And now they’ll reap the rotten fruit they’ve sewn.


Please feel free to share my encounter with whoever you please. If it can help somebody like your site helped me today, I’d be forever grateful.

I have grown up Agnostic my whole until recently, today actually, I full accepted Jesus Christ into my life.

When I was 15 in 2007 I awoke one night with severe lower back pain after dreaming about a dark cloak wrapping around me. I thought nothing of it, having previously injured by back when falling out a tree. A few days later I brought it up casually in conversation with my Mother and she frowned at me and told me a story about my Gran. My Gran had slept in my room about a month earlier and had experienced the same pain when awaking to what she thought was someone slapping on her back. We shrugged it off as mere coincidence and went about with our lives.

A year later I awoke one night facing my door with what looked like a man standing in the door way. I squinted thinking it was my best friend who often stayed over but then I remembered that he wasn’t there that night. I rapidly blinked and eventually closed my eyes thinking it was probably my mind playing tricks on me or my step dad just checking the house. In the morning at the breakfast table I brought it up and neither my mom or stepdad said they had been in my room. At this point I was wary of what was going on but didn’t look into it because whatever was in my room that night did not feel evil at the time.

A few months past and again I woke up to something like the figure of a person in my room. I was lying flat on my stomach and what felt like a hand was rested on my head and stayed there for a prolonged period of time. Thinking it was my mom, who often has done this gesture since I was born, I turned to ask her if everything was ok and nothing was to be found.

Again I told my family about the strange occurrence and my mom informed me that she didn’t go into my room that night.

Convinced my mind was playing tricks on me, I shuffled the furniture in my room, perhaps trying to rid myself of any strange shadows that some of the furniture was casting. Now, instead of facing my door, I faced the window.

At this point, I would wake every night and glance towards my window to see the shadow figure of a man staring at me.

After a month or so, I had finally had enough of being excuse my french here ‘being scared shit-less’ and told my mom something had to be done and fast.

My mom contacted a Priest who ‘cleansed’ our house and burned all that would be considered pagan. This included many artefacts and statues depicting different gods my mother collected for her art projects.

After this, everything seemed to be on the right track again. Until recently, 2 years after my last experience, I watched a movie mt boyfriend had suggested after I told him my story, ‘The Fourth Kind’. Having experienced some of the stuff (for lack of a better word) like in the movie, I began to think about my past experiences and I no longer felt safe in my own home.

Especially today, that’s why I’m writing this email to you. In my general boredom, I was browsing wiki when I came across something I’ve never heard of before, ‘Nephilim’. Curiosity got the best of me and I came across a site which links to yours. I read it all and thought to myself, ‘I’m not the only one. There’s someone else out there that knows I’m not crazy. 5 million? I know I’m not crazy now.’ Being Agnostic I was skeptical about how effective using the Lords name would be. I closed your site and had a nap. Until I was thrust into a dream about walking into a room where someone was praying to a god unknown to me. I felt uneasy and looked at my mother who was speaking only to feel my left arm being lifted into the air and eventually my whole body. I was terrified. I was 2metres into the air thinking this was the end. Its going take me, until I remembered your words. Rebuke this evil in Jesus’ name. And I did. I thought to myself ‘Please help me God. I’m scared. Please Jesus Christ I need you more than ever’. And I was dropped, dropped into my bed with my heart pounding and me screaming.

That’s when I decided I need to accept Jesus right now. I needed to write this email to thank you. Thank you so so much for your help. I feel confident to face these demons because of you. I’m so grateful that I stumbled on your sight.

Yours sincerely,


In July of 2011 I began feeling an overwhelming sense of dread before going to sleep, as if I was afraid of falling asleep. On one night in particular I was awakened by something very abruptly. I looked around the living room as I had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs. The TV program I had been eTching was still on but I could feel something in the room with me that I could not see. At once I began being pulled from my couch, through my kitchen table and back kitchen wall outside. When I got outside I could feel the wet grass on my feet and could sleep the fresh cut of the grass. I felt very strong muscular hands on my chest and began to really become afraid. I have been a born again Christian for about 4 years so my natural reaction was to say, “Jesus, help me.” All at once I woke up back on my couch. On another occasion I woke up in a dark room that wasn’t any I had been in before. I could see a display that looked like something you would see in a hospital. I knew I was experiencing the same thing as before so I began to pray and asked for Jesus to protect me. It took longer for me to get back to my bed but it ended the same way as the prior experience, very quickly. I haven’t had this happen to me since then. Praise be to God and His Son Jesus Christ.







Hey just wanted to tell you I am a mother of 4 i am only 23 years old. my first attack happened when i was in the 10th grade in high school! I am not surprised about what you have shown in your video! I have been attacked about 8 times in my sleep by something. It felt like I was fighting for my soul it was trying to pull me one way and I remember trying to fight to get back in my bed I could not scream but the only power I ever had to stop it was cry out to Jesus! All I had left were my own thoughts my conscience! It always took place when i was asleep, but it was as if i was awake i could not breath, open my eyes or even flinch my hand! i went to my family doctor told them all they said was that my brain must have not got the message! REALLY! My sister gets the same attacks and my dad! but we are all firm believers in Jesus christ! i believe there is a battle for our souls on this earth good and evil! and the devils plan to devour us! and jesus to save us! All I have to say is I am scared for those who don’t know Jesus and that there is a way out of those attacks through Jesus! I hope my testimony has helped you! Spread the word so that others can find help through Jesus! I take comfort in knowing that Jesus really does save us!


The articles I have read, the audio files I have downloaded have proven to me how deceived I have been all these years of my life. I believe the curse of my situation occurred generations prior to my birth, hearing tales from my mother of her grandmother receiving visitors in the night for predictions, fortune telling, and dark secrets, I remember my mother telling me some nights her mother would wake her and her brothers and plead with them saying “We need to start praying because they are coming”. Growing up in a household open to spirituality and questioning gods purpose I have seen huge orbs, experienced sleep paralysis, battled spirits in my dream to final awaken to a spiritual attack that drains your energy, shakes your body, and a fear that will rival being held hostage. Many years and nights went by and I did what I could I prayed, I asked God for help, I fought, I gave up, I fought again, I obtained religious relics to keep near my bed, I researched the Internet, found special activities performed by our government, from Roswell to the Collins Elite, and finally read the stories posted on this website.

As I read the stories I said to myself finally, finally I have found individuals with experiences so close to mine. I fell into the UFO delusion, how interesting they were, they are so advanced, and they must be here, waiting to help us. Through my ego I thought they picked me because I was special. I was deceived partially to their secrecy, and partially to my inability to accept they had evil intentions. You see the UFO/Demonic attacks are very confusing, you are not sure if it is real, or is it spiritual, you’re awake but not totally awake. In sleepy mode, but lying in bed too weak to get up and run away. Some people say its sleep paralysis, they have never awoken to something levitating above the desk pinching yourself to confirm reality, they have never had a doubtful father sleep in your bed to have the same feelings you have and then that father say “It felt like they were looking for you”, they have never had multiple people see orbs in the house at the same time, or a girl-friend say I saw I bright light behind you, but through the mirror, and so many other strange happenings. To those that have never experienced anything like this, I don’t think they can fathom this, at best maybe they can stay open minded, but as we know telling a tale of life is vastly different from experiencing life.

So many years, so many questions. But then something happened, after reading these posts, downloading audio files with Byron LeBeau, years passed, knowledge grew, my eyes were open. I prayed directly to Jesus Christ, I proclaimed myself his. Night after night, I felt the presence again, the attacks on my mind, my body, as I called for Jesus, “The Blood of Jesus, to wash over me and protect my soul’, I would feel vibrations and then something like a force field radiate around me. “What the heck is this I thought”! I was being protected! Nights would come, I would pray, I felt some nights I was being persuaded to stop, like other nights I experienced, but I would call the name of Jesus, and they would relent, coming once a week, then once every other week, once a month, to not at all. For years I was searching for the truth, and I have found it. I was lost and now have been found. Thank god I have energy again, my memory has increased, my confidence has grown, I feel awake, I feel confident, strong, and I have been given something superbly rare, knowledge of a real truth, God is real, his power is immense, and all bow to his authority, especially these so called aliens.

This is my testimony, this is my Truth.


Dear Joe et al,

A xxxxxxx who has resided in xxxxxx since 1982. In May of 2010 had two night

attacks with paralysis even of my voice. Desperately tried to scream Jesus

(thinking his name of course though wanted with all my might to say it out loud

and couldn’t on the first attempt) The second time my voice sounded as though

one of a stroke victim though it was obvious I was saying Jesus. The third time

I sat upright in bed and shouted Jesus save me! satan be gone! Poof – that

repulsive beyond revolting presence dashed out of our room. I keep Holy water

on my bed table and blessed myself and our room with it and knelt to say prayers

of Thanksgiving for the Divine rescue. The blessed salt was in the kitchen and

I spread it all over our bedroom and now keep two containers of it in the chest

at the foot of our bed. A week or so went by and again was awakened though

paralyzed and was able to say Jesus right away and the hideous thing departed

instantly. My sleeping husband thought I was having bad dreams both times

though I was anything but asleep during the ordeal.

On May 2nd 2010 I was boarding an international flight with two girlfriends to

go to xxxxxxxxx to celebrate xxxxxxxx birthday at her sister’s home there.

As we were going through security the (giant goliath tsa man) called me out for

the porn scan. I turned my back to him and faced all the fellow travelers

behind me in line and implored God and them to witness this attempted


The Lord spoke through me as I said . . “As God and all of you as my witness and

pointing my index finger upward added (and all these cameras) I won’t be

molested! I won’t be molested! I won’t be molested! This strutting bully

suddenly changed his tone with me. He had originally pointed at me and screamed

“You over here!” He looked down and muttered it is not molestation. You have

no choice either the scan or enhanced pat down. I said, “Oh, yes I do I won’t

fly! Where are my things?” He quickly walked away and my bucket of belongings

were handed to me. Immediately after that trauma my heart rate went up so high

for weeks that I could barely eat nor sleep. Then the demon attacks which truly

do think were a result of standing up to the bully at the airport. Meek

ladylike me usually turns the other cheek though in this case just refused to be

naked scanned nor groped.

Thank you for getting this vital message out that the name of our Savior makes

the demons flee and rescues us every time. No wonder they don’t want the world

to know of this.

Love, Prayers & Gratitude,


 My name is Matthew and I just wanted to thank you for the work you are doing. I never had “alien” visitations, but I did have demonic attacks during my conversion to Christianity and afterwards. I remember the few days leading up to my total acceptance of Jesus I had this feeling like I was being choked and I knew it was spiritual. The most frustrating part of the ordeal was not that it was difficult and even painful but that my grandmother thought I was crazy when I explained what was happening. I remember the day after I accepted the truth about Jesus and the way to be saved I was lying down on the sofa and I was being attacked in my mind and it was preventing me from being able to take a nap. I knew all I had to do was pray, and then I did and the problem was gone immediately. If I ever get attacked the solution is always I pray and talk to Jesus. I fully let him in my heart and soul and I am just full of this amazing amount of faith and confidence. I remember one time specifically I was being attacked and I heard God tell me, “just go to sleep Matthew”. It wasn’t a command and he said it in a soothing tone as if it was ok to go to sleep and there was nothing to be concerned about. The attack stopped immediately when I accepted that and I fell sleep right away. It was very edifying. It has been a long time since I had an attack. They have basically given up I guess. They know that I know what to do every time. It is a real shame that I can’t talk to most Christians about these experiences. I am happy that you are reaching out to people though and are helping them through these attacks. God bless you.


Testimony of Lindsey

Hello, may God be with us always,

My name is Lindsey and I have had some experiences that may interest you greatly. I will try to be as brief as possible. This is the skinny:

It began five years ago with strange things happening in my house. I had presently been involved with Tarot on a high level and ALWAYS could predict events for people. I look back in sadness. Anyway, the point is I didn’t believe in anything really. Flashlights would fall off the table, my dog would growl at nothing, I had bad dreams. Things were scary. Then one night it all came down on me. I “awoke” in bed without being able to move at all, not even an eyebrow. Some “thing” was in my room with me. It disguised itself to my sleeping mind (I still don’t know how I could see it without my eyes open) as a little girl. I was so scared because I was paralyzed but when I realized a little girl was in my room I relaxed for some reason. Then it began to come toward me, which made me a little nervous….At the VERY LAST moment I heard the faintest plead in my mind “It just wants you to think it’s a little girl” and RIGHT then the thing jumped at my chest, but not before I screamed in my mind, “Jesus help me, God help me!” And the “thing” was thrown back in utterly agonizing pain and the sound it made was as close to hell as any human ears could ever hear….I am sure. So, I found some very devoted Christians and I still didn’t believe it was a demon but someone (thank you Jesus) led me to their arms. They explained to me and I was so terrified….but I began to believe, I asked Jesus into my life and heart and ONLY THEN did my terror subside, in fact, I felt better than I ever thought possible. My faith had arrived.

Now the part that must interest you.

I was devoted to God for only about three months. After that, I began to question, maybe I was just dreaming, how could I know? I forgot the bliss Jesus brought me upon entrance into my life. I forgot all important things. I began to see lights in the sky. I began to read books that supported the idea of aliens being messengers of god and such…..I began to believe them. After all, these books would literally show up in my life at the most bizarre times and it was all so synchronistic….When I would see lights in the sky, they seemed to be directly responding to my “spiritual” thoughts and this too was synchronistic. I began to believe that I was special and that I would be a messenger for God and that the whole paralyzation night was a pre-test, if you will, to test my mettle. Only today, this very day, did I realize how wrong I have been. I don’t even know how it happened but I am so grateful it did. I was surfing the internet and I saw something about “Could aliens be demons?” And I scoffed and then I read it and it made all too much sense. I cried and have been talking to God, not lights in the sky, all night long. I love him even more, if that’s possible because he still loves me, and now I know the meaning of forgiveness.

I am a testament to how deceptive and tricky they are. They will not stop until, as it was aptly put in one of the articles I read today, the sheep are separated from the goats. And being a sheep really is the only way to stop them. One example of just how tricky they get, I don’t even understand how but, one night, I was walking and I saw the lights, as I almost always did, and something happened that made me run all the way home thinking fervently, over and over, “Remember this, they are not your friends, remember this…” But by the next morning I could not even remember why I had thought this. I believe they erased my memory somehow. I went on to believe they were, indeed my friends once again. I look back and shiver, I still can’t remember what made me run home. I thank God I no longer believe they are benevolent. I thank Jesus that I can once again share in his love. I hope this story will help someone out there to not have to experience what I have. Thank you for your time.

In love and peace,


Testimony of Max

I wasn’t always a born again Christian, actually I remember thinking “I have become what I hate the most”. Though I was raised catholic and accepted Jesus Christ as the Most High at the age of 6, it hadn’t really been a big part of my life up until mid-May 2000, 17 years later. Growing up in Canada and moving from Quebec to Vancouver and then to Toronto I would see things that others didn’t seem to, “paranormal things”, demons, ghosts and goblins. I wouldn’t tell anyone because I just figured we didn’t talk about this stuff or it was all in my imagination. I would also see angels or golden light-balls too, when I accepted Christ as a lifestyle I was 6 and a golden light-ball came to me and asked me what I wanted to do when I got old ? My answer was this, ” I wanna be just like Jesus and walk amongst my people in peace”! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I ANSWERED AT THE AGE OF 6 TO THAT BALL OF LIGHT THAT ONLY I WAS ABLE TOO SEE. Right away I was convicted of my own sin, I remember thinking how I could be a better child for my parents and a better brother to my older sister and not tease her as much as I did. I had a pretty normal childhood, aside from seeing that stuff and having strong lustful thought at an early age, which again I thought was normal.

At the age of 12, I saw two golden angels help me over a car that I was hit by while riding my bike, that same year I saw what I thought was my deceased grand-mothers ghost, these as well I never told anybody until a few years after. As a family, we never really went to church, prayed and gave thanks at meals nor did we observed the Sabbath, we celebrated Christmas though ! In my childhood I had always been fascinated by ghosts and aliens, I had read a few books here and there, I would also read about Bigfoot, werewolves and the Loch Ness monster. At the age of 14 I started drinking and smoking cigarettes, really rebelling.

By 16 drinking wasn’t fun anymore, I had never really likes drinking, I found something I did like, hash and marijuana. By that time I had already experienced alien abductions and had been anal probed, years later South Park the cartoon mentions it and I laughed when I heard them mention anal probes because, laugh was all I was able to do. One weekend a friend and I were so bored we mad a Ouija board and summoned the dead, that led in some people getting possessed. The high school I attended was catholic, we wore uniforms and said Our Lords Prayer every morning.

At about 17 I fought with a spirit in my room, it named itself Jacob and flung me to the wall where I would be paralyzed in mid-air for about 5 minutes or so, it was a classical old hag attack. In grade twelve I started to go to raves and do ecstasy, what’s funny is that I started to care more about my grades, especially in the great religions course we were all forced to take. I developed an interest in the religions around the world and started to study some, especially the ones with many gods and demigods. After high school, I quit doing ecstasy, I had thought of going to art school to get into animation, but that changed as I wanted more real life experience before I deciding what to do. The supernatural was all around me by then, I was casting magik circles and spells, had a relationship with a succuci, was studying the occult and metaphysical I had become some sort of new age shaman. Communication with spirits and astral/soul projections were a daily thing, I was led to believe all this was training for my spiritual growth, to raise my consciousness to the next level sort of Babel, but the abductions were really out of hand by then, I had awakened during one, naked I got off the cold metal table, cursing and swearing, waving my hands in the air and pointing to one of them as I approached it I punched a gray guy in the head, my fist stayed stuck in there and I could feel the goo that it had for brains, the skull cracked like an egg and I saw colors in there and a bad smell came out. It just dropped dead like a puppet and stayed hanging off my hand, that was all I could remember from that event.

This drove me to a shrink where all he could was ” a thousand people are experiencing this, some guy from Harvard wrote a book about it, want pills “? So I took his pills and then found myself getting up one morning leaving a perfectly beautiful relationship with this girl, family and friends, hopped on a greyhound bus and headed for Vancouver to end up living on the streets with crack addicts and prostitutes. Two weeks there another abduction happened and this time there on the ship were reptilians and strapped to the walls were some of my friends from back home Toronto. That morning I realized I couldn’t run nor hide from whatever this was, so I headed home for Toronto, after seeing my friends in comas strapped to the walls I missed them, this was in February 98.

On my return home from Vancouver things were more confusing than ever, the girl whom I had left, her and I tried to continue our relationship but to no avail. Her dad had left the faith and become a Buddhist, she had even told him that God would be pissed off because of it. I am pretty sure that our relationship was the result of witchcraft. Whether or not I learned a lot about what it means to be in a serious relationship. I was still involved in talking with spirits and doing meditations, this is when I started kriya yoga. Spirits led me to some guru from India who taught it. Truly this is the time I discovered that I was searching for something, that my whole life I had been searching but for what I still didn’t know. Starting from my high school years spirits had been given scenes from my certain so-called past lives as to make me believe that they would help me along my spiritual journey, none of this really helped all it really did was make me yearn for more. I was searching for truth, the truth. Then spirits said that because of my stage in my development the hierarchy had decided to link me with another being that was on another planet or some other dimension so that both I and this being could evolve at a quicker rate and benefit from the merge in consciousness, this is what they termed the “walk in” experience and that I had to agree with it, I was very doubtful and unsure I wanted to do this but they insist and offered me all kinds of reason why I should, they even had dead relatives come and reassure me it was alright that it would also help the whole which is God evolve as well.

Then about 5 1/2 months after that my life was really going into darkness, I was experiencing blood lust for human blood, I was looking for a host who would be willing to let me drink their blood, my perversion was worst than ever before and hidden memories of the abductions were flooding my mind at all times of the day and night. There was nothing I could do, it was only getting worse by the minute. All my so-called spirit guides had disappeared and none were responding, I was already bi-sexual since late high school and now I was being drawn into the S & M realm of bondage and torture, meanwhile at work I was playing it pretty cool so that no one would notice, but some did. I had summed up that all of this was due to the abductions and the rapes and other things that had gone on up there in the crafts with those reptilians, I would draw them and I in the most perverted scenes imaginable, they wanted me to keep drawing and paint some of these drawings which were pretty much reptilian & human pornography and then get them posted on the world wide web. I was frantic, peers at worked found out of my abductions because I no longer could hide my paranoia, they are great people, most didn’t judge me or mock me, some even believed me and shared some of their experiences. But I couldn’t sit around and have this continue, I was losing sleep, I was terrified of going to bed, I drank just to escape the reality I was living in. I remember my mom asking me what she could do to help me she said something like ” what can I do, give you a pill? give me a pill? give you a gun? give me a gun? what, what will help you”? My mom is an extremely loving and compassionate lady with a lot of patience. I was also fearful because I had remembered my nephew telling us when he was about 2 that at night “the moon would come into his room and take him away”! Many times I wondered why this was going on and how could I end it, suicide was always a good option

I don’t know how it happened, but as much as I was anti-Christ the Lord led me to and this site helped me come to terms with whatever is going on these end days. It all ended and started one night in mid-May of the year 2000 at the age of 23, I was lying in bed and I started praying to the Lord Jesus Christ, I said something to the likes of ” Lord whatever it takes, I’ll do it just stop these abductions, whatever you want is yours, my life is in your hands, it belongs to you. And this is where I prayed the sinners prayer, it was 4 easy steps.

Testimony of Sue

Hi here’s a condensed version of the happenings in my life. Feel free to use all or part, but please use only my first name to protect my custody of my children. I mention a lot of dreams and other stuff because I feel strongly that they somehow tie in together.

About age 3 or 4 the lucid nightmares and OBE’S started. In half the nightmares I was being chased by 2ft. demons, the other half I’m standing off to the side watching people going into a lake of lava while someone is standing next to me saying I’m responsible for figuring out how to stop them. These nightmares were unusual because I didn’t believe in God or demons and of the terrifying reality and frequency and that I have always felt watched. They continued for several years then stopped for a couple of decades until they started in similar form a year ago.

About age 14 I woke up in the middle of an OBE and found myself on a stone alter naked being ceremoniously oiled up in what seemed to be a dungeon or cave. Surprise, shock, and fear brought me back awake in my bed right away. I still don’t what to think about this because I was raised to believe in math and science, not God and demons or anything supernatural. In ’93 the night before my public alter call I finished nursing my baby and started to roll over when on my back I was held down by what felt like a heavy blanket, I couldn’t scream or move and the room was too black; then I heard a male voice speak next to my ear in another language. I finally croaked out “Jesus Christ” and it was over. I was so scared that I don’t think I’m the one that came up with that idea.

In the summer of ’00 lucid nightmares and dreams started again that blurred the line between them and OBE’S. In Nov.of’00 I was fasting a little for a few weeks when I started seeing silhouettes of people around me even seeing features of the room and they’re faces. I would sometimes feel them touching me or moving my hand or leg while wide awake. I got so scared I quit fasting and started drinking and smoking again and the visions stopped for awhile. Apr.13,’01 I started having OBE’S day and night. Something was trying very hard to separate me from my body. Sometimes I would feel and hear a buzzing right before it would start. Once while doing housework I felt like I was hit on the head with a sledgehammer that separated my spirit from my body by a couple of inches. These were happening several times a day and night. When they were able to get me away from my body I would be in a room with people standing around me. I would pray to God in the name of Jesus to help me and I would come back. It was happening so often that it was prayer or sheer force of will that would keep me here or get me back. Once I got so mad about the frequency of the intrusions that were draining my peace of mind my fear started to diminish, so did the intrusions.

I still hear someone walking around my house, kicking things sometimes and the OBE’S still happen a few times a week, but only when I’m asleep and I sometimes wake up with deep black bruises on my hips and hind; too many to just be accidents. I still haven’t gotten used to the idea that my world has apparently never been what it seems. But now I’m more pissed than scared that they destroyed a loving little girl’s life and peace. I strongly believe that I’ve learned that prayer, awareness,& empowerment are great tools to help us to win.

I can’t thank you enough for being an immediate friend and sharing what you know. This is the loneliest “place” I’ve ever been in and it helps more than you know to have a man of God take me seriously after the lack of help some churches were. I don’t think churches know what to do with this “stuff”. I didn’t completely believe in UFO’s until I saw the overwhelming similarities to what I’d been going through since ~3yrs.old. I would have lucid night- mares recently about aliens and abduction type experiences and then months later read almost the exact same story from an abductee. I can only hope at this point that mine were only dreams. I’m afraid to know otherwise. This really is my condensed version. I’ll keep in touch and keep you up to date on the war. Your Friend….’Sue’

The Terror That Comes in the Night

There is a book by David J. Hufford called The Terror that Comes in the Night. The sub-title of the book describes the contents: “An Experience-Centered Study of Supernatural Assault Traditions.” Dr. Hufford is a sociologist and university professor. According to his research about one sixth of the population experiences the phenomenon described in his book yet almost no one talks about it. The experience Hufford describes is similar to what has become known in our culture as the “alien abduction” phenomenon, yet differing in some aspects. According to a Roper Poll done in 1992 at least two percent of the adult population in the United States has experienced what they call “being abducted.” It is difficult to get an exact number since it is believed that many people completely repress the experience and many others just don’t talk about it.

The Roper Poll used a sample of 5,947 respondents corresponding to the equivalent number among the 185,000,000 ostensibly represented by Roper’s demographically balanced sample. The margin of error is + or – 1.4 per cent. The poll excluded everyone under 18 years of age and all residents of Hawaii and

Alaska, as well as all residing in dormitories, hospitals, etc. When respondents were asked if they had ever awakened paralyzed with a sense of a strange “presence” in the room 18 per cent said “yes.” This percentage with a + or – 1.4 margin of error represents 33,300,000 people.

In 1973 my husband Coleman and I and our two baby boys lived in Virginia. Coleman was working for Christianity Today as the advertising manager and I was a stay-at-home mom doing some freelance artwork. One night I awoke with a start. My eyes flew open like a close-up in a horror movie when the dead person comes back to life. I was totally awake with the sense that something was very wrong. That sense moved very quickly to terror. I was paralyzed, unable to move anything except my eyes. To my left, over my husband’s sleeping body, I could see three figures gliding into the room. Their feet, which I couldn’t see because a monk-like robe covered them, never touched the ground. They were coming out of a walk-in closet bedroom and my first thought was, “How did they get in there?” It was communicated to me in some fashion – I don’t know how – that they had come through the large second story window in the nursery, glided down the hall, gone through the wall into the master bath, and from the bathroom had glided into the closet. I knew they were very, very angry with me for some reason, but I didn’t know why. They communicated to me, without speaking, that they were going to levitate my stiff body, slam me through the window above our bed and drop me on my head killing me. They wanted me to know that my husband would be blamed for my death.

I had no doubt that they were capable of doing this and my terror escalated. I tried to scream at Coleman to wake up but I couldn’t. My vocal cords were paralyzed. Then I began to pray. I tried to call out, “JESUS.” Again nothing would come out of my mouth other than grunts. Once more I tried to say “JESUS.” More grunts. Finally a garbled “Jesus” came out. At the name of Jesus the beings dissipated into the air into little triangles just like a visual effect.

I immediately woke Coleman and told him what had happened. After comforting me, the inevitable question came. He said, “Are you sure it wasn’t just a bad dream?” Irritated, I replied, “Yes, I’m sure. Because if it was a bad dream I’m still dreaming. I awoke before it began and I have not awakened since. Besides I just KNOW it was real.” At the time, neither one of us knew what to do with this experience, so I just filed it away and didn’t talk about it again for over 20 years.

Then over twenty years later Coleman was writing a pilot script for a television series that was supposed to be about all sorts of strange phenomena. He gave me a book on alien abduction and asked me to read it and see if there might be any story ideas in it that he could use. As I read the book it struck me how similar these people’s experiences were to mine. Then I came across a drawing of one person’s alien abductor. It was eerie. He had drawn the same beings that had come into my room.

At the same time, I was reading a book about several different missionaries who had gone to a variety of Third World countries to tell people about Jesus. The book was titled, Demon Experiences in Many Lands and it was published by Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in 1960. In the preface we find this statement by the publishers: “It has been many years since any serious study of demon experiences has been published, and possibly never before a compilation from competent observers in many parts of the world. The reason for this omission is not clear, but the result has been a feeling on the part of many Christians that these strange (to us moderns) phenomena were only valid in Bible times.” Several of the missionaries had this attitude themselves when their strange experiences began. Most were totally unprepared for the assaults that they and their new converts confronted. Several of these experiences were very similar to the ones described in Hufford’s book and countless alien abduction books. A conclusion from Hufford’s book is that people unfamiliar with any notion of what he calls an “Old Hag Tradition” describe their symptoms precisely in accordance with those aware of such a tradition. Hufford never called these experiences “demonic.” But all of the missionaries came to that conclusion. They believed that they were dealing with demons and they looked to the Bible to learn how to overcome them.

As I began to form my own opinion about my night terror experience, I went to the Internet to see if any one beside myself had had a similar experience. Was I the only person who had used the name of “Jesus” to end a night terror or alien abduction experience? I found an article from Florida Today magazine that appeared on August 17, 1997, written by Rita Elkins concerning alien abduction and it’s similarity to demonic oppression. She quotes Joe Jordan, a director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) a clearinghouse for UFO related research. When he is not checking out UFO claims for MUFON he works in product development and engineering for Sea Ray Boats. He and his partner Wes Clark, also a member of MUFON, who is a quality control engineer at the Kennedy Space Center, have, through their work at MUFON, come across several people who have been able to stop their abduction experience by calling on the name of Jesus. He shared a taped interview with Elkins for her article in Florida Today:

Elkins goes on to say, “Relentless anonymity is given in abduction research. Nobody in their right mind wants family, friends and co-workers to know they’ve had their personal space violated against their will by strange-looking creatures whose existence isn’t even proven.”

Jordan told Elkins that three other researchers had had similar cases. They had not revealed this because they felt it would hurt their credibility, especially among the folks that invite them to speak at UFO Conventions. I certainly can understand this. A number of years ago Coleman and I went to a UFO Convention in San Francisco. Most of the people there were defiantly New Agers and didn’t seem to be open to traditional religion at all. In spite of the fact that abduction experiences are described as horrible, brutal and denigrating many believe they are done by good aliens and are somehow beneficial to human kind. So my question is, “Do you really think our alien ‘space brothers’ are assaulting us or could there be a demonic connection to these experiences?

You may be wondering why I have decided to share my night terror story with the world on the Internet. I am sure that there are many who will just think I am a total wacko. Some of you who know me may think I am farther gone than you realized. But if there are people experiencing these assaults who want them to stop I can offer way out.

Few years ago, my son was taking a college class at a secular university. The teacher of this class, which was a language class and had nothing to do with what we are writing about today, began asking the same questions that were asked in the Roper Poll. After a few questions one girl raised her hand and began to tell the class about her abduction experience. When she had finished my son said to her, “There is a way to stop these experiences if you want to.” The teacher interrupted,” No, there is no way to stop them!” “Yes!” my son replied, “They can be stopped.” “No they can not.” At that point the teacher went back to the curriculum. I want people to know that my son’s teacher is wrong. There is a way to stop these experiences. Please don’t think that I am saying that the name “Jesus” is magic. It is not magic, but it does have Amazing Power. The Creator of the Universe knows his children. The Good Shepard knows his sheep. Surely if he was willing to die for our sins, He is able to protect us from the Evil Ones. If you want His protection, put your faith in Him.If you have experienced a night terror I would like to hear from you. Please write and tell me your story.

© Carel Luck January 2006

Used by permission

Eileen’s Story

Dear Mr. Jordan,

For the past two weeks I have — for the first time in my life — been researching Christian ufology, and — for the first time — am now extending an open mind to it. Prior to these past two weeks, Christian ufology was only ever something I had heard about in passing, and which I readily dismissed as a fringe phenomenon of the emotionally unstable and the intellectually irrational.

But I am now reconsidering that position.

In my web searchings, I came across your site “Alien Resistance” (among other sites) and decided I would like to contact you.

My first inclination was to contact Lisa Davis, but her web site has been hacked, and I can’t find an e-mail address for her anywhere.

I also tried to e-mail Guy Malone, but his mailbox isn’t working.

To keep this e-mail as brief as possible, I will succinctly say I believe I have a life history of low-level visitations. In my use of the term “low-level” I am spontaneously (and perhaps clumsily) coining a phrase here in this e-mail to try and convey the idea that my visitation experiences were of minor significance and also of lesser trauma than what I have been reading about in the internet testimonies of other victims.

My visitations have included 1) dreams and 2) out-of-body experiences. The dreams, which were very rare (a few times a year at the most), started when I was around seven years old, and were always about creatures, or monsters, or outright aliens (usually only one entity per dream, not multiples) who would come to me during the course of the dream, often hurt me, and when I awakened I would still physically feel the pain that they had inflicted upon me in the dream. Never once did any of the creatures/monsters/aliens in these dreams speak to me or engage in any other type of communication. The out-of-body experiences began when I was about four, were very rare (again only a few times a year at most), and stopped for the duration of my teen-aged years, but then returned again for a very brief while after I had reached adulthood AND after I had become a born-again Christian. But when the out-of-body experiences returned during my new life as a Christian, I spoke to some women in my church who prayed for me, and the out-of-body experiences stopped. They have not happened again since then. In 1992, I went on a short-term summer missionary trip to Ireland where I believe I was literally attacked in my sleep while staying at a Christian woman’s house in Dublin, and the validity of the attack was corroborated by two other Christian women in the house (the Irish hostess, and the other American woman who also came as a missionary for the summer).

At this stage in my life, I believe these visitations have probably ceased. It has been many years since I have had any such dream at all. I spent probably the first eight years of my Christian walk experiencing occasional dreams which I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about, and which I couldn’t help but think had to be MORE than just dreams because they were the only dreams I had where I would get hurt in the dream AND ALSO awaken still experiencing the sensation of literal pain and discomfort from the dreamt injuries. A solid correlation emerged: dreams that “hurt” always had a monster, and dreams with monsters always “hurt”. But I never got “hurt” in my any of my “normal” and “monster-less” dreams where I perhaps fell down a set of stairs or got hit by a tidal wave or crashed a car. I even had a “normal” dream once when I was in college in the middle of final exam week, and in that dream I tripped and fell face-first onto the sidewalk and broke all of the teeth out of my mouth from the impact. And then I stood up in my dream with broken teeth all over the ground in front of me and I had blood gushing out of my mouth, and then I woke up at that exact moment of standing up with a bleeding mouth, but even THAT dream did not “hurt”. But in all of my “monster” dreams, which began at the age of seven, I have experienced any of the following assaults: I have been punched, choked, stabbed, dragged across the floor, thrown against a wall, and had many other violent things done to me. Some of the assaults were sexual, and ALL of them “hurt”. And whenever I awakened from any of my “monster” dreams, the echo of the pain from these traumas remained as a conscious and unignorable physical sensation for up to half an hour after waking up and walking around (I believe this might technically fall under the category of what medical science refers to as “phantom pain”).

The only explanation I can offer as far as the cessation of this life-long bout with what I shall call “painful” dreams is that I did learn over the years to call upon the name of Jesus in my dreams, and perhaps that has been the difference to cause them to finally stop. I can’t assert this correlation with any certainty, nor can I claim that my initial practice of calling on Jesus’ name brought an IMMEDIATE cure. It was actually several years from the time I started to do this in my “painful” dreams until such dreams stopped. Perhaps it took several years for me to get adept at it — to achieve a high enough level of dream-state cognizance and alertness to utilize Jesus’ name with deliberacy and with immediacy and (most importantly) with consistency. And perhaps then it was only after I displayed such consistency that “their” efforts with me were abandoned.

I write to you today as a Christian woman who believes her entire life has been “vandalized” by demonic forces. I have spent most of my Christian life (I was saved in the late 1980’s at the age of 19) wondering if a demonic presence in my life was responsible for much of the grief I have endured in my daily living. Even other people around me (Christian and non-Christian) have commented that they are stunned at the amount of grief my life has passed through, sensing my portion of troubles surpasses what the laws of averages dictate I should get. But whenever I tried to research the possibility of demonic influences in my life, I always recoiled in horror at the blatantly unsound theology I found in many books and teachings on the subject. I was leery of immersing myself into what I sensed was an odd and unstable corner of the Christian sub-culture where I would be consulting with people who saw a Communist behind every bush and a demon under every doily. So very many of these deliverance-from-demons ministries insist that a truth-seeker must repent of witchcraft and occultism, and to even repent of any witchcraft or occultism that parents or grandparents might have engaged in. And to my knowledge neither I nor my parents nor my grandparents have ever engaged in witchcraft, but I’m supposed to repent of it anyhow. How can I be convicted of a sin the existence of which I’m not even convinced? But ALL of those demon-deliverance ministries insisted that repentance of such hidden occultism was prerequisite to deliverance. So I felt like I was walking on very unstable ground whenever I looked into these teachings, as if the proponents of these ministries were asking me to invent transgressions that never existed, or manufacture a sin history (either in myself or in my family) that was pure imagination. Self-delusion is not something I embrace readily, even if a promised reward of happiness and blessings are offered for doing so. I only want the truth.

The Christian ufology movement is admittedly the very last place I expected to find something that made sense to me. But it was only after reading the internet testimonies of various people on your web site (and other web sites as well) that I began to sense that perhaps this movement has some solid grounding in actual truth, AND that these truths related to me and my circumstances. My dreams and my out-of-body experiences fit more into the alien visitation model than into the witchcraft model. I know of no occultism in my family, but after spending the past two weeks reading these Christian ufology web sites, I do believe there is a history of visitations in my family. So I am infinitely more comfortable concluding that I am a visitation victim than a witchcraft victim. That conclusion in no way invalidates the testimonies of those who claim to be victims of occult abuse, nor does it try to play down the severity of witchcraft’s sinfulness as spelled out in Scripture. If anything my conclusion only lends credibility to the idea that Satan has MANY avenues through which he conducts his campaign of deception, and the UFO-lie is one of the latest.

I have a great deal more to read about in this topic. But I believe I am able to read further on the subject matter without the same recoiling-in-horror reaction I have always had with demon-deliverance ministries.

In conclusion, I really would like it if you could connect me with someone I could pray with about this. There’s no one in my church who would be even remotely tolerant of any such notions. So if you could help me network to a counselor, I’d be very grateful.

Regards –Eileen

Olivia’s Short Message


I finished reading The Premise of Spiritual Warfare……..what a glorious work!!!

All of it so true….I have never been abducted but I have had the paralysis…can’t move..have to listen to demons lie experience….even after I got out of automatic handwriting and got saved…

I found how just how fast these beings will scatter upon hearing the Name of Jesus…The work you and your colleagues are doing is just great….

Just wanted to drop by and say “thanks” and I know you will continue the battle…who knows…..that one person who is delivered and saved may be the last one ….then we are out of here!!


Jock’s Story

When I was around 11? I was walking in back of my house which is wooded. My dog was with me and for some reason the dog stop dead in it tracks and growl and turn and ran away. I say to the dog to come back then I turn in the way that I was going. I black out. When I came to I got up off the ground and look down and saw a footprint of a big size with two big toes.

I went to the house and told my two brothers they both went to see the foot print. It was there we looked around and found in a blackberry vines a shape that was round that press the vines down. We do not know what happen that day.

I did tell this story to other people. I learn the black bears will do this to a blackberry vines. One say it was big foot for he did that to vines too. bears and other animals do it for protection?

I got into the occult believe in UFO and more. My mother told me when I was young If I got into trouble to call on the name of Jesus. One night went I went to bed something came into the room and I came over me then I could not breath. I say the name of Jesus and a wind came in the room from one window and over me then out the other. Whatever was in the room was gone a peace came over me and I could breath. praise the Lord.

In 1971 I got saved one night the Blood of Jesus wash my sins. I spoke in tongues, in the Holy Spirit. I do not know what happen that day in the woods I do know that Jesus has set me free. Do other people have this happen to them?


Bob in Missouri Tells Us His Story

I am presently sixty-eight years of age and until a few years ago, I was unaware that others were having experiences that mirrored my own. My experiences seemed so personal and spiritual that it did not occur to me for quite some time that others might be having experiences so similar.

My first experience was so traumatic that I could not tell anyone about it for some time and then only my wife. I was for some time concerned that I might be considered imbalanced or some sort of wacko. Though my experience contains many of the elements of what is described as “sleep

paralysis”, I believe that my own “sleep paralysis” was the result of demonic assault or that sleep paralysis was the means used by demonic entities to attack me. The fear was always instantaneous as I would awaken to find myself paralyzed but aware of what I can only describe as a “presence” accompanied by a “tone” not unlike a 1,000 htz tone in a sound system that’s feeding back and always so loud that I thought my head would burst.

While I never saw any images or “beings”, the room would always seem darkened with what I am constrained to describe as the presence of an “entity” that seemed to move closer and closer attempting to push its way into my mind or psyche.

Words fail me in trying to describe the means I was using to resist the entity. The only way I can describe my efforts is to say that I found myself mentally or perhaps even spiritually “pushing” back against its attempt to enter me at whatever level. Finally when I felt I was losing

in my efforts to repel the intrusion, I cried out to God and Christ to help me and immediately the attacks would begin to fade and within a few seconds, I was able to retake control of my whole body. If this was not an attack from a demonic entity, why would such an appeal always cause it to cease almost immediately?

At those moments, I seemed exhausted from the incident(s) but also there would be such a sense of release, peace and comfort that I would almost immediately fall back into a restful uninterrupted sleep for the remainder of the evening.

I have come to believe from my lifelong biblical studies that what I experienced was indeed a form of demonic attack that I’m sure could seem to many with certain backgrounds to be unquestionably alien for alien on some lever it defiantly was. It may be that these entities are able to induce what we call “sleep paralysis” and then from within that inducement, use it as a means or portal to attack the objects of their assault. These attacks would continue for a period of a few years during my late twenties and early thirties.

As scripture admonishes, “…resist the Devil and he will flee from you.” This seems to have been the case as my subsequent resistance was always to invoke the name of Christ to repel the attacks and ultimately the attacks ceased altogether. I have now been free of these assaults

for many years and rather than cause me any spiritual consternation, the attacks only served to drive me closer to the safety I found in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I hope you find my experience useful in conjunction with the others. Feel free to openly use it or any of its elements with no attribution asked or required.

Hi Joe!

For starters when I say alien, it means demon, for I like the ring of the word alien.

Home security went from yellow, passed orange, to red last night at about 3:20 am! I went to bed about 3:10 am. See! I told you things happen at that time for some reason. Even Spielburg had it in his film “Taken” on alien abductions. Strange!

What happened was something grabbed both my wrists as I laid a sleeping. And I was paralized for a moment as I fought furiously to break the alien, demon, intruder, hiver, scum’s binding power hold on me by using the powerfull Name of Jesus to rebuke the attacker!

Then I scurried out of bed, so as to see if anything was in my aptment. I was ready to open up a can of woop-alien-butt in a pair of seconds! Talk about excitement. Am I looney saying that? No… it means I was right in what I sensed a week before that hooligan threatened my life and then last nite. That there was a coming a pile of trouble in forms I did not imagened. An attack by Satan,

Well that bad boy who tried to attack me was sent back from where it came from by the power of God. HOO-RAA ! I love the smell of spiritual warfare in the wee hours of the nite! Sounds crazy, but when you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, nothing to do, bored, then something like that is.. well not welcomed, but… sort of interesting in a boring life. And I do take it seriously, but without trembling and fear anymore. My humor on this comes from my confidence in Jesus and His protecting love!

Roger, A.K.A. Alien Buster

Testimony of Eve Lorgen

Author of

The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships

Eve Lorgen is a long-time paranormal researcher, and author of The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships Her testimony is printed here by permission.

“Guy – I agree that there is a particular agenda with the ET hypothesis, and that there are organizations where this is promoted, ala, ET’s here to raise our consciousness, the friendly visitors, celestial guardians of the planet, etc.

“When the concept of spiritual warfare is raised, it creates a big problem because I believe it exposes the primary tactics of the aliens. I, for one never expected the aliens (at least the Greys, reptilians and some dark robed hooded beings) to be anti-Christ until I challenged their authority in my own life. Before I became a Christian (rather, an informed Christian who practices spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer), I had numerous alien visitations. I was raised as a spiritualist, and was heavily involved in the occult. Part of this training I received encouraged the positive ET hypothesis, in a way to try to make me feel special about my own “star seed–chosen status.” I was encouraged to learn psychic abilities, and trance mediumship. As I got further into this, I realized it INCREASED the alien abductions. It also made my health worse and affected my interpersonal relationships in a negative way. To put it bluntly, I WAS A MANIPULATED MUPPET.

“I hated fundamentalist Christians and argued with them with psycho babble and typical New Age metaphysical arguments. I really wanted to believe the aliens who interacted with me were good, and were raising my consciousness, evolution, guiding me to be someone special. After all, I had all these wonderful psychic abilities.

“I suppose it was the health problems and night terrors that got me into looking at alternative explanations for the aliens influence in my life. So I got baptized and learned how to pray with the authority of Jesus Christ. It worked. The aliens and other entities would try to come back and sometimes they were successful and sometimes not. What seemed to expose the (majority) of aliens integrity was when I started praying for spiritual freedom and wisdom. I prayed for other abductees and this created a backlash with some abductees’ alien handlers. They literally came and harassed me to stay away from their “chosen ones.” As I interacted with other researchers who knew the alien game plan (especially the reptilians) the reprisals escalated. I observed how these aliens manipulated so many abductees, sometimes activating their egos to promote their agenda. It was amazing.

“All I can say is that there are definite spiritual forces at work in conflict with one another about the authority over many humans. We need to stand up for ourselves and decide whose authority we want to be under. For all its worth, the psychology of self-empowerment is effective for most against the “little guys”. But when you start dealing with the big guys on the alien/spiritual hierarchy and even demonic beings, this is when the power of Christ is necessary.”


The Testimony of Pat

Hi Joe,

I am a former practicer of witchcraft and experienced abductions often during my early years through high school. Most of these stopped when I was saved by Grace. Some still continued though because of sins and bondage in my history. these stopped as i was able to be taught of my authority in Christ and helped by other stronger christians who had gone through the same things. Once the sin in repented of (including the previous generations sins) you then are able to just basically say “go away” and as long as you have the knowledge that you have that authority to do that they just go. But then I guess that you already know that part.

Although I never saw them as aliens they did appear as monsters, clowns, friends (that i didnt recognize but thought they were) and even lovers. So when I heard about alien abductions it wasnt hard for me to connect the dots that if they can appear as clowns an alien isnt much different. All the other survivors that I have known were also involved to some extent in witchcraft and knew what aliens really were. But it just isnt a topic that you can bring up even to friends and especially in church! People will shun you or even become an enemy. So I have not talked to anyone about it in the past 10 years. I was so glad to see someone who at least has something out there that is giving people hope to stop being subjected to all the ways that the enemy violates those who dont know or dont know the authority that they have in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thanks For doing what you are doing,


The Testimony of Matt

A little back story and testimony.

Hi my name is Matt. I am a born again Christian and I know that Jesus is in control my destiny. I know that through Him, all things are possible. Recently, I was browsing the internet and came across something called sleep paralysis. I had never heard that term before, but immediately upon reading about it, knew what it was. This was very interesting to me as I believe I have experienced it and very similar experiences to those detailed by many others accounts. I was pleased to learn that I was not alone in this phenomenon. It’s been very helpful to hear that there are others out there who know exactly what I was dealing with. I for one, never saw it as any thing less than evil unwanted spiritual attack. I grew up in the church and although it was not talked about very much, knew that people (Christians too) could become the target of demonic interest. I knew the first time it happened to me, exactly what it was that terrified me so much. The feeling of overwhelmingly malevolent evil in these sleep paralysis episodes is so strong it cant be confused for anything else. Also, it’s interesting to me that I was able to identify it from the first time. I believe that as children of God, we are given the discernment to identify such happenings and subsequently armed with the love of Jesus can combat them. I can see how someone would come up with “alien abduction” as an explanation.. especially if that person was not a believer in God. I remember when I was very small, I was talking to my mom about aliens. And she told me that there was no such thing as aliens and that they were demons doing there part in disrupting the belief in God. My mother is a deeply spiritual woman and very in tune in her walk with Christ, so I took her explanation at face value. I think this also had something to do with my quick discernment in these sleep paralysis episodes. So that’s my back story. Now I’ll tell you about what I’ve experienced, but before I do, I want to make it clear that I do not do this for entertainment or for the sake of furthering any occultist beliefs. In fact I think obsessing on these things can be harmful to one’s faith, but I’ll get back to that. I do this only in the hopes that this may help to witness to non-Christians or help Christians experiencing these types of things understand what is happening to them and how to defend themselves.

when I was a child:

When I was very young (perhaps 6 or 7) I remember very often seeing one of these so called “shadow people” out of the corner of my eye in our house. It was the type that many people also describe as seeing with a fedora type hat on. Perhaps this is related.. perhaps it is not. I only bring it up cause it seems that these “shadow people” are often associated with the sleep paralysis experience. I cant help but think there is a correlation between that and the sleep paralysis episodes I suffered later on in life.

Late teens and twenties:

My first episode I remember included all of the normal sleep paralysis symptoms. I awoke in my bed.. staring at the ceiling and immediately knew there was a malicious evil in the room with me. I could not cry out. I could not move, but I immediately started to pray and it occurred to me to rebuke whatever it was that made me feel so utterly terrified so I said, “By the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command thee out!” I’m not sure if I said it out loud or not, but as soon as I did, I snapped out of it and found that I was indeed lying on my back with my arms crossed across my chest (much like the top of an Egyptian sarcophagus). I later told my friend about it and he described an eerily similar experience and he too woke up in the same exact position. That’s what put it in my mind that there is more to this than just a dream. Many years later, I awoke to the same feeling and through slightly cracked eyes, could make out a very small gargoyle like creature going up the wall. He turned and looked down at me and threw out his hand in a clawing like motion. To give you a visual reference, the creature looked sort of like grey version of the baby version of Hellboy (if you’ve ever seen that movie) Although, when this happened that movie had not come out yet so I know my mind wasn’t making that connection. I didn’t have that source for imagery. Again, I immediately rebuked it in the name of Jesus and again, I immediately snapped out of it. This was the one occurrence that I ever recall seeing something and I’m still not sure if it was there or if my mind was just conjuring up images to try to make sense of this feeling of overwhelming evil and fear. I dont know. I’ve only had two more instances where this sort of thing happened. One I know I woke up gasping for air as if I was having it forced from my lungs, because it woke my girlfriend up. The other time, I again said the same words of, “By the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command thee out!” and it immediately stopped.

I dont know why these things happen. The only thing I can figure is that they seem to have all happened during times of my life that I was very separate from God. I was not living my life in the right way and I think these evil entities of satan were trying to exploit and torment me because of it. They hate God, His love, Jesus and all those that are His children. I know that they can do me no harm or possess me because I am God’s servant and my body is already filled with the spirit of Jesus, but it’s still very scary and always will be. I hope and pray.. yes, truly pray that this never happens to me again, but if it does I know exactly what to do and how to stop it. Now to tell you why your website is a blessing. As I stated before, I had been researching the sleep paralysis thing as well as the “shadow people” thing of my youth, and I was finding all of these very rational and scientific explanations of these events. In short, I was starting to question.. question if my previous assessments were correct.. question if I was just being superstitious.. even question my faith and belief in God. The more questioning I did, the more afraid I was that it was going to happen again. Then I found one of your shows “How To Stop Sleep Paralysis” on the internet. I listened to it and was immediately brought at peace and my belief system remains in tact. In fact, I’m feeling closer to God now because I know I’m not alone. I know that there are others who can relate to what has happened to me, and I know there are people out there trying to help people cope with it. I will pray for the others whom this has happened to and I will pray for your counseling and ministry. If these experiences help to bring people to Christ than so be it. I would hope it’s not necessary to be attacked by demons to see the light, but some people need a little push I guess. Maybe it’s part of God’s plan to strengthen our faith. God created angels, demons and satan himself and ultimately He makes the call on what they are allowed to do. God bless you and keep up the good work.


The Testimony of Arn

How asking Jesus Christ into my life prevented a possible impending abduction from occurring and stopped fear, the night of February the third, 1981.

–Testimony of Arn (Dragomir), dictated January 9th 2010.

Personal background: I was raised by secular parents, both of whom called themselves agnostics. The thinking was scientific humanist, my parents, brother and sister and I were all evolutionists, my father especially. After college, government work, and some time in graduate school, I had some personal difficulties, which caused me a lot of psychic pain. The suffering and troubles that ensued did not themselves lead me to believe in God and still less in Christ. My life bore out the truth that those who come to God must in some degree, believe that He is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him, and I actively disbelieved both at the time, among other things being yet under the spell of evolution. My progression through those years of generally lessening turmoil and suffering was first to come to believe in a psychic and spiritual world to which men had some kind of connection, then to a deity in some sense in influence or control of the world, (close to gnosticism), and, soon thereafter, seeing, through Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, that there had to be a good God to restrain the evil in man that was perceivable there, in a good God. In about the August of 1980, I began to attend a Bible study, knowing that I needed God’s mercy and forgiveness, but neither accepting Christ as other than a good man, nor understanding the Bible, just believing it was a book of much wisdom. At that time I was extensively studying the UFO phenomena, including some deep things about supposed encounters with space creatures of a seemingly angelic form, which had seemed likely real, rather than a phantasm, and had made me wonder what they were, and if they were good. On February 3rd 1981, I was half awake on my bed, having just had a temptation dream involving power, and I began hearing a sound I can only describe as a sort of unearthly trumpet sound which sent chills of fear — almost like electric shock — up one side of my body and down the other, waking me up fully. As they continued, I besought God for help, fearing that I would somehow be taken away by the force or entity behind the sound, but I could not reach Him, He was too high for me. At the seventh trumpet sound, (a few minutes), growing ever more afraid, and having nothing else I could really do, I asked Christ to come into my life and protect me. It seemed like a little ghost came from heaven and into me; (not like very much compared to the fear), but the unearthly trumpet ceased to sound, the fear departed, and things calmed, so I was able to sleep. The next day I wondered, “Oh no, what have I done,” but I did not recant, and very soon, began to be able to understand the Bible, which before had put me to sleep when I began to read it.

I have shared this testimony only a couple of times before, and it was only a few years ago that I realized that some people probably have abduction experiences because they do not call on Jesus Christ in situations like that. Mostly I had seen it, as the Lord’s way of getting my attention, not as a prototype situation, or that I had at that time opened up a door — the sort millions of people go through, under the demonic attack of an encounter with the supernatural. Indeed, I had looked for natural explanations of abduction experiences, such as provided in Martin Cannon’s book, The Controllers, and, of UFO’s, Renato Vesco’s ManMade UFO’s, 50 years of suppression. I would have had it to be eighty percent natural, 20 percent supernatural; now I would reverse those percentages somewhat.

Only in the last three weeks did I come across the current Christian response to UFO’s and abductions, when looking at a list of creationist videos, which included one on UFOs, which, when I viewed it, referred to Michael Heiser as an authority on the subject. So I looked him up on the Internet, and listened to his material on Genesis 6, the sons of God, and the Giants. I had rejected the supernatural explanation of Genesis 6, because New Age folk had put forward a spaceman theory, and when I had heard the fallen angels view, it seemed to be one of denying or lessening man’s responsibility. But Michael Heiser’s presentation was credible, and ties together several loose teachings of the Scripture, at least not lessening man’s responsibility, and opens up issues of the supernatural which are important and for many, are quite important, and almost totally are without discussion in commercial and seminary Christianity. On listening to you, Joseph Jordan, and testimonies of protection through the name of Jesus that you made available, I thought it might be of help to add my own.

There is a lot of “watcher doctrine” and “giantistic ideological practice” out there, but God is good, and He loves you.

The Testimony of Mitch

Hello My name is Mitch I have had a recent experience that was a victory and scary but I know I can overcome through Jesus:

I wanted to share with you a recent victory over the demons/aliens whatever they are this happened last night May 24 Monday around 11:20-22 PM .

I was just getting to bed and i was very tired and i did say a prayer before i go to bed was the Lord’s prayer i believe i personalized it where the ‘us’ our to ‘i’ and such then about 20 minutes later I heard like a buzzing noise/strange noise from what sounded outside and then shortly after a very bright light shone into my bedroom window I immediately knew what was happened and rebuked it in Jesus’ name so they could go no further. It stopped and everything then was back to normal and power turned back on (Power turned off during time of light shining ect.)

I am not sure if it was because i was looking at some ‘claimed’ footage on AboveTopSecret forums or youtube I know most of it is fake but i know to be very careful now because i used to be skeptical about this kinda thing until this took place.

so that is what happened to me recently I did go back to sleep after a while after i prayed for like 1 hour or something like that. so keep me in your prayers i know now to be careful where i go on the internet too i know part of why it was caused cause i was looking at some stuff.

Anyway didn’t want to freak you out or anything i just wanted to share my story with you.

The Testimony of Alisha

I don’t know if my experiences are typically what is called an abduction, but I read through other testimonies on here and some of them sound like mine. My experiences started out with a “haunting” in my house and eventually turned into sleep visits

I grew up with a mother who was obsessed with the paranormal. She played with Ouija boards and held seances as a teenager. In her adult years, she became obsessed with looking for UFOs in the sky, “ghosts”, demons and other paranormal things. Our house had demonic visits. We would see them frequently. Sometimes they looked like strangers, sometimes they took the form of a family member, sometimes they looked like shadow men, other times they looked completely demonic. There were numerous encounters. It was so bad in our house that none of us would sleep upstairs where most of this would occur. We slept downstairs on the floor and on the couch rather than sleeping upstairs in our own beds. Only on occasion would any of us dare to sleep upstairs. Even guests we had over, who knew nothing of the evil in our house upon arrival, would be terrified of staying there very long because they experienced it, too.

I experienced these things so often and was terrified of them, but they were almost normal to me because it had been happening for so long and so frequently. They usually materialized in the room with me, or I’d see them walk from room to room. Sometimes I would hear voices, banging noises, and rustling. Items would disappear and reappear somewhere else, like they were playing games with me. Finally, one night when I was fourteen, I had my first paralysis experience. I dared to sleep upstairs that night, and I woke up to find something invisible pulling me off of my bed by my ankles. When I tried to get away, I realized I was paralyzed. I always believed that Jesus is the son of God, and I believed the Bible was true, but that was about as far as my walk with Him went. At the moment of this experience, I knew He was the one to turn to for help, so I prayed to Him and the attack stopped. The next episode of paralysis occurred three years later when I was seventeen. I woke up because my bed was shaking. At first, I thought it was a small earthquake, but then I saw a shaggy-haired woman, short in stature, who looked like she was wearing layers upon layers of clothing. She was standing in my doorway staring at me. The only light in my room was the moonlight shining through the window, so I couldn’t make out her face. At first I thought it was my mom trying to scare me, but then I realized I could hear her laughing and watching television in the living room. The woman moved toward me, and I tried moving away from her and yelling for my mom, but I realized I couldn’t do either thing because I was paralyzed. Once again, I prayed to Jesus to help me and the attack stopped. This was the last paralysis attack for many years, although the normal haunting experiences in the house still occurred.

I went on with my life, moved out, went to college, and got married. When I was 26, my relationship with God grew, and I began doing more than just believing in Him. For a year after this, my house was clean of these demonic entities. Then, shortly after I turned 27, which was last summer, the attacks began again. The first time it occurred again, I woke up to a very strong evil presence in my bedroom. I couldn’t see it visually, but I could sense where it was in the room, and I could follow where it was going with my eyes, even in its invisible form — this is how strong the evil presence is. It walked to the end of my bed and climbed on top of me. I still couldn’t see it, but I could feel it suffocating me. I tried to call my husband’s name and shake him awake, but it was then that I realized I was paralyzed. After a bout of panic, I remembered to ask for Jesus to help me. Once I did, the attack stopped, and I could breathe again. Within a week or two, I experienced something strange. I went to bed early that night, and I was alone in my bedroom. I woke up because I could hear my husband bringing in the dog from outside. I could hear them walking through the house, and I could hear him talking to the dog. At one point, I thought he said something to me, but I couldn’t make out what he said, so I tried calling to him and asking him, but I realized I was paralyzed and couldn’t talk or move. An overwhelming feeling came over me that I had to know what he was saying because it was important. Suddenly, it felt like my body popped up, and I was in the doorway of my bedroom. I looked back to the bed, only to realize I could still see myself lying there. The overwhelming feeling of having to know what he said grew in me, so I didn’t even care about my body at the moment. Instead I began to make my way to the room where my husband was, except I was sort of bouncing there. I felt like I didn’t have full control of my “body”, like something was driving me like a vehicle, and at the same time each of my steps was bouncing, like an astronaut on the moon. When I entered the room, I could see my husband sitting at his computer with his side to me. I asked him what he said, but no matter how many times I asked, he seemed to ignore me. Finally, I fell on the ground because I could no longer keep my balance. When my hands smacked the tile floor, he looked directly at me, except it looked as if he was looking through me, and then he turned back to his computer. I was trying to stand back up, and at the same time I was still asking him what he said. Every time I made it onto my hands and knees, my legs would begin sliding out from under me. I then turned around to look at my legs, only to realize something had me by my ankles and was pulling my legs out from under me. It was an invisible entity again. It began dragging me back toward my bedroom. I was trying to call for my husband, but he still didn’t hear me. I dug my fingers into the cracks of the tiles to try to grip something, but it was too strong for me. I prayed to Jesus, and the next thing I knew, I was lying in my bed again. I was terrified and yelled for my husband. This time he heard me and came to me. I told him what happened, and he said it was just a nightmare. Although it was so real, I convinced myself it was a nightmare as well, because I didn’t believe in out-of-body experiences or anything like that. I began telling him a more detailed version of my experience. During my experience, I noticed there were pieces of hay on the floor, as well as dishes and napkins that were beside my husband at his computer (none of that had been there when I had gone to bed that night). I also told him about how he had looked at me when I’d fallen and turned away. When I mentioned the hay, dishes, napkin, and my falling experience to my husband, his eyes grew wide, and he looked frightened. He told me our dog had tracked in hay when he had brought her inside earlier, and that he really did have those dishes and napkins because he had eaten something after I’d gone to bed. He also remembered hearing a sound and looking over to see what it was, and nothing was there, so he had turned back to his computer. The sound had come from the exact same spot where I had fallen, so I assumed he had heard me fall, but I was invisible to him. I don’t know how I knew those things unless I had really been there somehow. A few weeks later, I had another experience. I woke up to find what I thought was my husband lying on top of me, propped up on his arms. It was early morning this time, so I could see him clearly enough to know it was my husband. It was clear by his actions that he was trying to have sex with me. I thought this was unlike him to be doing this while I had been sleeping and to be acting the way he was; I thought at the time that he was acting like an animal. After a moment, he lied down with his weight completely on top of me, and I could feel his breath on my neck. The pressure of his body was suffocating me. I tried pushing him off, only to realize that I was paralyzed. I panicked so much because I couldn’t breathe, that I couldn’t think of anything else. I managed to turn my head to the side ever so slightly, but it was well enough that I could see my real husband lying beside me in the bed with his back to me. Right then, I knew what was on top of me wasn’t really my husband but only pretending to be him. I panicked even more and tried so hard to push it off of me with one arm and wake my husband with the other, but I couldn’t move. I remembered to pray to God, and as soon as I had, the entity was gone and I could move and breathe again. After that experience, I prayed harder than I had about the other ones, because I was terrified about what it had been doing to me. I tried even harder in my walk with God, because I thought maybe it was my own fault these things were occurring — maybe I was leaving open some kind of a doorway for them to come into my life. The attacks stopped for several months. During those months, I found out that two of my sisters and my teenage niece had also experienced episodes of paralysis and attack. One sister’s attacks had stopped years ago; the other sister still experiences them. It may be no coincidence that she is largely involved with the New Age religion. My niece is still undergoing these attacks as well. My attacks started up again this month. The first time this month, I woke up to the invisible entity again. Immediately I knew what was happening, so I closed my eyes tightly and kept them shut, because I was afraid of what I would see. I tried to wake my husband once again, and, as usual, I realized I was paralyzed. Amidst the panic, I remembered to pray to Jesus, and immediately I could move again and the being was gone. The following day I heard strange noises in my closet and bedroom all day long. Two nights passed, and it occurred again. This one is my most recent experience and it happened just last night. I woke up to an evil presence. Once again, I recognized what was going on and that I was paralyzed. I closed my eyes tightly before I had the chance to see what was there, and I kept them closed so I wouldn’t have to see what evil was attacking me this time. I knew if I looked at it, it would make it much more frightening for me. As soon as I had squeezed my eyes shut, I felt myself float up off the bed, still in a lying down position, and I began spinning around and around, like a ceiling fan. The spinning became faster and faster, and I grew extremely dizzy and terrified. I couldn’t bear to open my eyes and see this horror. In my mind, I called out, “Jesus, please help me,” and immediately I was back in the bed and able to move again. I don’t know what I experienced. I don’t know if my physical body was really spinning, or if I was out of body and spinning, or if this being was manipulating my mind to cause me to feel as if I was spinning. Ever since this happened last night, I have been dizzy. I don’t know what it did to me or what it will do to me in the future, but I know that every time I’ve asked Jesus to help me, the attacks have stopped immediately.

The Testimony of Marie

Marie’s Statement:

If you are undergoing “alien” interference with your life, have courage! You have not lost your sanity. With concrete signs and evidence you correctly surmised that an intrusive force is at work. Yet its malevolence surpasses any mere “extra-terrestrial” pigeon-holing. This attack spawns from the Darkness, but don’t consider yourself powerless in combating this scourge. The effects, so terribly real in perception, are produced by telepathic suggestion. Know the weapons of the Creator will provide an invincible response.

If you are experiencing UFO sightings or “extra-terrestrial”

encounters, immediately contact a trusted clergyman. The word “trusted” is used in the sense that while most clergyman strive to sincerely serve God, only a minority of these ministers fully accept the concept of spiritual warfare. These incursions can and will be halted by the intervention of prayer conducted over, for and by you.

My experiences occurred recently:

As a first-year law student, I was enjoying my fall semester in a different area of the country. Class instruction and course work (although very demanding) were fascinating. I felt blessed to have this opportunity for personal growth and future career enhancement.

Last September I noticed one evening in the sky above campus an unusual object. I dismissed it as possibly a military aircraft or a satellite in lower orbit. With my busy schedule, the excitement of the new environment, and the concerns of daily living, I had forgotten the incident. Unfortunately, three weeks ago at the end of a lovely Sunday evening, a UFO again appeared in close proximity to my campus apartment. This incongruous sighting jolted me and recalled the prior occurrence. However, I sublimated my fears and concentrated on final assignments due. Shortly I would be returning home to my family for an enjoyable Christmas vacation after a busy semester.

Two weeks ago the situation exacerbated to where I heard a craft “buzzing” over my apartment on two separate nights. The second night’s manifestations consisted of deafening approaches and departures of a hovering craft.

At this point, I attempted to define what was occurring. The secular world certainly would place no credence in these UFO manifestations. Since I do not use drugs, this situation would lead the world to only one logical, but extremely negative, conclusion. Moreover, this intrusion in my life both frightened and angered me. After the second appearance, I made an extensive search of the Internet to determine if a valid explanation or meaningful assistance could be provided. I certainly was far too embarrassed to mention my predicament to friends. By the second evening’s occurrences, I had sent an email to Rev. Joe Jordan at the address noted on the Alien Resistance website. I found Joe Jordan’s responsive email message on my system the next day after returning from class.

Fortunately, I was able to reach Joe by phone when in the morning after the second night’s “assault,” I viewed by the window a faintly etched form of a “grey.” Interestingly, the facial features, including the eyes, closely resembled the goat-figured depictions of Satan.

When advised by telephone of the visitor, Joe reminded me that it was no “alien” but the very essence of evil. I was directed to read the prayers for exorcism, which prayer instructions I previously had printed from the related Logos Christian Fellowship website. Shortly thereafter Rev. Jordan and an associate, Pastor Tony, called in (from several hundred miles away) to conduct the exorcism telephonically but effectively. Pastor Tony noted that he would sound the traditional Hebrew “Shofar.” One of that sacred instrument’s many purposes is to blast demonic beings to the ends of the universe.

Noises and bangings accompanied the exorcism including the sounds of entities exiting through the wall to the outside. While the Shofar sounded I was observing a small robed being, who with contorted features writhed in torment. With the Shofar’s tarifah blast that miasmic form shudderingly faded into nothingness.

To my questions as to what had occurred, the ministers specified that I was not the victim of possession but had been suffering the burden of oppression. Joe noted that such a development only occurs when a door is left open for an attack – namely the breaking of the Commandments. Although I had prided myself in being a very honest, law-abiding citizen and a Church supporter, by breaking certain of the Commandments I had made myself a target. These transgressions had included dabbling into the occult and certain other failings including within the last four years an affair outside of marriage.

After the exorcism I could sense the tranquility of my apartment. My life, although definitely jolted, seemed to have returned to order. However, much of the campus would be closed for Thanksgiving and I had reservations for a “get-away” holiday weekend at a nearby hotel, where I could both comfortably study and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. While packing I appreciated the quiet and was still marveling that “God must really exist.” I continued to smell just a whiff of the unpleasant odor that had manifested at the time of the morning’s events.

Shortly after my first phone conversation with Joe, he had called to advise that a local resident would assist me through prayer and friendship in overcoming the shock of the situation. This lady even had offered to invite me to her home for the weekend and planned to help me ask for God’s blessing on my apartment that evening as a further protective measure. As I packed I felt deep gratitude to the pastors and local assistant. This volunteer already had phoned and indicated great willingness to help. I also continued to be overjoyed by the realization that God truly IS.

Checking in at the hotel, I appreciated the lovely room, although my campus apartment is quite comfortable as well. I did note the growing unpleasant scent that I had smelled earlier at my apartment and when unpacking for my brief stay, heard rustlings and odd sounds.

The volunteer picked me up at the hotel that evening. A gracious person of unaffected loveliness, the assistant exuded confidence in her faith. She informed me that she, too, had suffered a similar horrific situation. The assistant appreciated my concerns and patiently answered further questions at length. We asked for God’s blessing on my apartment through prayer and the marking of crosses with oil on the doors, lintels, and other entrance points as a preventive measure.

Returning to the hotel, I requested that the volunteer check the room, indicating that I had sensed activity there. Following the same procedure as at the apartment, the room was blessed. At that time I earnestly prayed a form of the Sinner’s Prayer, acknowledging Christ as my Lord and Savior.

After the assistant had left for a long commute home, I realized that I had not eaten. I dined in the hotel – not ordering an alcoholic beverage. It is my practice to usually never drink alcoholic beverages – usually I consume about four alcoholic toasts or drinks in the course of an entire year. The events had disquieted me but after a delicious cheeseburger, I anticipated getting a great deal of studying done. I already had done major preparatory exam work. Also, I looked forward to several phone calls from my family, who love extended phone conversations.

When I returned to the room, the rustlings reoccurred with greater intensity. I had been advised by the assistant of the possibility that the demons might test my resolve. With an increasing crescendo of noises in the room, I decided to study in the hotel lobby under the guise that I was waiting for a relative to arrive for the holiday. Even in the lobby I encountered strange sounds and vibrations, including the occasional major vibrational sound of a craft hovering overhead, the barely perceptible but constant movement of plants, and that offensive burnt odor. I tried unsuccessfully to take quick catnaps since when I did close my eyes, I kept seeing, imposed on the darkness, a moving robed figure.

Not wishing to overly extend my pretext of waiting for a relative, I returned to my room from the lobby. Shortly after entering, the noises resumed. I had been advised by the volunteer that prayer functions as a serious weapon against these attacks. She had noted the Psalms as particularly effective. As I had done earlier, I proceeded to pray the Psalms out loud. I’m embarrassed to say that out of terror I called my Mother, who had believed that I had seen the occurrences but attributed them to extreme overtiredness and need for vacation. My Mother has always been a loving and supportive parent. She freely conceded to my phone request that we pray together for an extended period. Throughout the night I had sensed a resentment from the presences in the hotel room as the Psalms were recited. I noted that while my Mother and I recited the Lord’s Prayer the room definitely quieted.

I freely admit that trying to inconspicuously wait in a lobby at night represents bizarre behavior. The developments in my room that night had escalated into a scenario of terror. Yet it again must be stressed that these images/events represented mere telepathic projections by these entities. Unlike the tangible wonders of the Creator, these cowards fight with sham images, seeking to place their victims in a socially defenseless position.

Returning to the lobby, the conditions quickly returned to their bizarre former status including the rustlings, vibrations, and intermittent sounds of a vibrating craft. At one point I quickly stood by the hotel entrance since I had detected odd noises coming from the outside as well. The raucous bird-song heard at dusk continued but now the baying of animals joined the cacophony. I quickly returned to my lobby chair as I tried to wait out the night. A distinct dragon’s face, formed from condensation on a nearby lobby window pane, intently stared in knowing malevolence.

Between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. I did phone Rev. Jordan and the volunteer. Joe noted that such assaults sometimes represent a brainwashing technique. The Enemy’s rationale is that through exhaustion the victim will accept these images/sights as real, material ones. Joe indicated that I should attend a religious service that evening, a Wednesday, in a Spirit-filled church. He obviously hoped the Holy Spirit would quickly end this horror for me.

Trying to maintain my strength, I had a hearty breakfast. Joe and the volunteer telephoned to say that a Pentecostal service was available that evening. It could not have come sooner. As I prepared to take a bath later that afternoon, I noted the water seemed a sparkling shade of a very light blue, in itself unusual. To my horror I first noticed a line, then the definite form of a stylized serpent in unmistakable imitation of a sculptural design ornamenting the monuments of a certain ancient culture. I recognized but would prefer not to note the name of that ancient culture. At that manifestation, I left the bathroom, hearing sounds, and noting on the rug by the bath two or three small orange, claw-like prints and what appeared to be a letter in an unknown script.

I quickly dressed and left the room. I phoned the volunteer from the lobby to ask her to pick me up for the service inside the hotel by the main entrance. Again the assistant was driving a great distance. May I add at this point that even dining I was harassed. A small, insect-like creature, with an almost humanoid form, would intermittently buzz around me, particularly while dining and, of course, unobserved by anyone. Also (and not due to the hotel cleaning staff), I had noticed a constant film of dirt about my face, clothing and personal effects.

At the service I prayed with a mixture of tremendous happiness that God really existed and intense supplication that my present ordeal be ended. The service resonated with the members’ joy in the certain knowledge of the Creator’s Kingdom. At the conclusion, I approached the minister to request intercessory prayer. His prayers for deliverance were heard. The minister with great force commanded the demonic force to cease their oppression and harassment. At that time, the reverend spoke a specific Word for me from the Father. That relayed statement of support will remain with me forever.

This week my faithful friend and volunteer accompanied me to my Water Baptism.

So recently, in the midst of oppression, I listened to her words with such frantic hope. With complete conviction, she would insist that in the name of and by the authority of Jesus, demons could be rebuked. I am a witness that under Jesus’ authority they can be. If you presently are a victim, know that you can take action to end the horror.

The Testimony of O

Dear brothers in Christ,

I came across your interview from several years ago on Future Shock. Here is my testimony:

About three months ago I was visiting a friend (not Christian and truly a disbeliever of God) at this mountain house in Cumberland, Maryland. It was around 10 pm, and we had been having a discussion in his living room about God, family crisis and other subjects. We decided to come out to see the sky, it was pitch dark. All of a sudden the light of what seemed like two flood ligths like the ones you see in WWII movies looking for enemy planes, in the shape of cones, began rising from a mountain right in front of us, about a quarter of a mile away. There are no houses there nor way of climbing it, since it is a steep mountain covered with thick vegetation. The moment I saw how these lights slowly emanated from the mountain and lit the clouds above it, I became terrified. I was immobilized with terror, as this is what it inspired. Immediately I realized there was something ominous about them. Since I couldn’t talk, I was paralyzed with fear, I prayed in my mind and asked for Jesus’ protection, to cover us with His holy blood. The minute I started praying in my mind, the lights slowly began to go down and to disappear into the mountain.

Needless to say that my friend was dismissive about the whole thing, deriding me and my spiritual Christian beliefs. I am not crazy, nor am I easily impressed. I am not a coward either. But I can tell you that the terror I felt was not human induced, but induced by something I cannot explain. My friend is a lost cause, he is a drunkard and promiscuous, but has a good heart. We have known each other for over 40 years, and I have tried to make him see the errors of his ways. I have been in the Christian walk for over 28 years, falling at times, but lifted up by the grace of God on many occassions! My Lord has been truthful and loyal, it is me who has been beyond contempt. But I feel that He protected me that night. The same way He has done so in who knows how many times.

I thought Id share this with you. Needless to say that I have not returned to that house, nor intend to either. By the way, I had spent last year three weeks alone there, and was never afraid, though it is dark and removed from civilization.


The Testimony of Mary II

I accidentally found you by listening to different podcasts…..I listened about the alien abduction thing. I was very, very surprised when I heard people’s testimonies……because it sounded like was happening to me…except that the entity that was coming to me was a demon….I am 51 years old. I was saved in 1985 at 24 years old. I grew up Roman Catholic. At 16 I was raped and it really messed me up. At 19 I joined the Air Force to get away from all of the reminders. I then became an alcoholic in the service….at 23, passed out on a bar stool, I awoke to a man arguing with police, stating he would take me home and not to take me to jail. Didn’t know the man. My next memory is this man in my home with a bible, quoting scriptures. I became enraged. Within one week of this encounter…I went to bed. I heard voices outside of my window…like a party or something. It became louder. I remember being annoyed and how rude they were. The next thing I knew….suddenly I became paralyzed….physically and with the most incredible fear that I’ve ever felt…..I knew instantly that it was evil. I struggled hard to open my eyes. I saw in front of me, a huge black figure..hooded…and all I saw was his eyes. He had his hand around my throat and he was speaking Latin. I couldn’t speak or scream. It felt like something was holding my mouth. I struggled and struggled again to be able to speak….I tried to say the “Hail Mary” was all I knew… wouldn’t leave…….finally, after what felt like 30 minutes or did..and I tore out of my apt…across the street, half dressed and called my mother. From that day on, they thought I was crazy. I was not credible for years with my family after that. I was always being referred to psychiatrists, etc…..For years…this thing came to me…..I could give more detail another time. But after I became saved… I dealt with this demon changed too….I began to say the name of Jesus and it would leave……another time…..very, very strange….my husband had the same encounter, exactly when I did…he wasn’t saved and didn’t understand…but it terrified him… it happened to us both, out son, who was 2 years old at the time, screamed at the same time…it was then I realized for myself that I wasn’t crazy…if it happened to them too. Finally…in 2006…..the presence came back as usual….I was so used to this by now, that I could tell long before it manifested that it was about to happen….I felt my bed start to lift off the floor…and I said…”Oh no you don’t….the blood of Jesus Christ”… left..poof and never returned… opinion is the name of Jesus would make it leave…but when I said the blood of Jesus Christ….it never returned….theologically I know that it is the blood that Christ shed for us, that defeated Satan…..I know how terrifying this is when it happens….but remember…the devil is even more terrified of Jesus Christ….as a Christian, you have the authority to use that name. I’m writing to you I guess. to give you some confirmation and to validate you….I know these people think they are aliens because they look like greys….but what they say happens to them is the same exact thing that happened to me…except the Lord let me see it for what it really was……at times this demon would pull me up and slam me to the floor…..etc. The blood of Jesus Christ…his name is the only thing these demons will listen to. These are not aliens….it is not psychological..they are demons…..sometimes demons disguise themselves as “angels of light”….other times you can see them for what they are…….God bless you.


The Testimony of Lisa


I just watched the video Age of Deceit. I wanted to contact you as I have also had more than one experience that is very similar, to others and by stating the name of Jesus Christ I was let go.

I have experienced on more than three separate occasions in less than 1 year, situations that I could not explain, and I thought they were evil, but I have not heard of anyone else who had this happen until this video. I am in shock at what I am hearing, but at the same time relieved that I am not alone. I am going to keep this short, but feel free to contact me, I do not mind these being published.

The first time this happened was last year, in April. Whatever it was, picked me up by my hair and when I yelled Jesus Christ I was released. On the next occasion was right after that, and I was literally being lifted up out of the bed “spiritually”, I could see my daughter from above, and I said the name again, and it dropped me. (whatever it is).

The next incident, and this is going to sound very crazy, a “wolf” was pacing around my bed. It reminded me of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. My two little boys were stolen through the court system here in the US and the wolf was in direct correlation to them. The one thing about this one was that I remember was sweating and in a panic, as if I was having heart failure. It was very real, just as the other experiences.

I experienced in February of this year, a long alien like finger that was stroking my face and tried to drag me out my bedroom door. Once again, i said the name and it let me go. When I say drag, it was a spiritually leaving of my body, not physical, however, its swift moving. I have had not only dreams where I am saying Jesus Christ is my king, to beings surrounding me and my children, numerous dreams about tornadoes, but also my children and I have documented numerous dreams that have come to pass.

I would like to add that I have been in a huge “custody” battle within the court system, my boys are hung up in this, a lot of this has come from trying to get away from the system, and raise my family. The courts are an evil entity in and of themselves.

I hope that this helps in some form, as I stated I do not mind speaking about this to you if interested.

In Him


The Testimony of Marie II


You have my permission to use my written testimony on your website. Please only refer to me as Marie.

This is my story:

My first experience began when I was staying in a motel with my husband and 2 sons. It was one of those creepy motels you would see in a scary movie. We were all having a conversation and I felt tired so I fell asleep. I dreamed as if I continued the conversation with them and had never fallen asleep to begin with. I felt an uneasy feeling and went to sleep (in my dream). I then looked up and into the open doorway of the bathroom and was scared, waiting for some figure to appear in the doorway, but nothing appeared. I laid back down and pulled the covers up to my head and immediately felt the weight of something hovering over me. I was terrified and couldn’t will myself to see what it was, so I tried to call to my husband, but no words came out and I was completely paralyzed. I said, “Baby” three times and then screamed it, but nothing came out! Finally, in my head I said, “God, unlock my tongue.” and this time when I said “baby” it actually came out. My husband asked me what was wrong and I told him I had been calling for him. He said that I was sleeping and I hadn’t said anything at all during my “nap”.

Another time I had a dream that Satan himself was attacking me and trying to hurt me. He was all green (like a pale green) and had very long and skinny arms and legs. I could not see his face because he was wearing some sort of robe or cloth. I kept saying over and over “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” and he would disappear and then reappear. He just kept coming after me trying to get closer, and I kept rebuking him until I woke up.

As I began to read the Bible more, I started to become more spiritually attacked. In fact, nearly every night (and this is still ongoing) I hear footsteps up and down the hallway. Sometimes the footsteps are regular paced, and sometimes they’re running up the hallway towards our room. It happens at all hours of the day, but most of the activity is at night. I’ve started to have dreams about our hallway. The first dream I had I was walking down the hallway and there was a green alien in my kitchen. It was a light color green and had the alien face, but the body had long, skinny arms and legs. It had a twinkle (or flash of light) coming out of it’s eyes. It started to do a seductive walk towards me, but I woke up before anything could happen.

The last dream I had is probably the worst. After reading this website I started to say “may the lord Jesus Christ rebuke you” to any bad spirits in/around my house. Well, I had another dream about going down my hallway to confront whatever was making the sounds of the footsteps. In the dream, I was seeing out of my own eyes, but I was much taller (almost to the ceiling and sort of looking down). The lights were on, but there was no VISIBLE entity that I could see. I could still feel something there (and I was scared to confront it), so I said, “Be gone in the name of—” and I could not say Jesus. Whatever it was had blocked my speech before I could say the name of Jesus. I woke up terrified and said “Jesus” over and over again.

When I hear the footsteps I start to pray and ask in the name of Jesus for it to stop. The last 2 nights it’s stopped right after I’ve prayed and I’ve been able to sleep peacefully. I hope my story can encourage other people going through the same ordeal.

The Testimony of Leslie

Hello Joe, I have just read ur home page and decided to contact & inform you that I too had had a bizzare experience years ago. My experience ended safely, Thank God!

I had awoken to discover an eerie face looking back at me. I was directly face to face with an entity. My intitial reaction was to scream. To my shock, horror & amazement I COULD NOT SCREAM OUT ANY NOISE AT ALL! Nothing came out! About this time I also discovered neither could I move despite my attempts. It was like I was paralized. Or like I was being held down or something. My limbs did not respond to my brain messages to move. It was the scariest event to experience. I have never forgotten it. Neither have I forgotten even one element of that event. The creature is still vivid in my memory. The consuming fear undeniable, unforgetable. I was able to move, to scream only after MENTALLY SCREAMING (CALLING) UPON THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Instantly I was able to move – & DID – & HOW!!! I sat up with lights on for the rest of the night! – For weeks!!! I now know it was an evil demon. It was a CLOSE encounter! THANK GOD IT FLED & I WAS SET FREE! I have since met 3 other people who have experienced this (basicly identical) experience.

Just wanted to share this info in case it helps. God bless u and keep u safe!

The Testimony of Ian

Hi Joe

I have just watched one of your presentations and feel the need to contact you and provide you with my testimony regarding Sleep Paralysis.

You have my permission to do with this information what you wish and I hope it may benefit someone in the long run.

I hail from Melbourne, Australia I am 48 years old and have had a history of what you may call strange visitations at night since as a young child.

I do not now and have not ever belonged to any religious group although I have always had leanings to Christianity and like some of the ideas

behind Buddhist teachings, cause and effect and the role karma play’s in that.

My earliest memory of childhood was having a imaginary friend who I remember looking different to us and my memory is that it used to hover over me.

I had an accident when I fell down the back steps at home and suffered a hairline fracture of the skull at about 31/2 years old.

That day was important in many ways as according to my parents, from that point on I began to suffer night terrors and was extremely afraid of the dark

and had to sleep with a light on, this fear of the dark lasted right into my twenties and only in my late twenties did I begin to sleep with the light out.

As far as my memories serve I was in my early teens when I began to experience vibrations in my legs as I drift off to sleep and a sense of falling that

sometimes woke me and other times I would go back to sleep. I sometimes in the night heard horses clip clopping yet I lived in the suburbs and no one else

heard what I heard. I would also have these strange night terrors where I would feel nauseas and all I could see is this grey ooze, it generally would wake

me from my sleep and naturally I would be panicking and seek comfort from my parents.

For some reason around 1990 the sleep paralysis got worse, I was having nightly visitations and after working all day I would struggle to keep my eyes open

after getting home, I had one encounter where I fell asleep watching TV and the rest of the family had gone out to dinner I was awoken with a start and

on TV was a strange face staring back at me and behind him was a empty grave, this being began to choke itself in front of me. I thought it was TV and tried

to change the station but it was on every station. I began to panic and thought I had actually died. I started to pray to God and apologize for anything I may

have done wrong and gradually I got my senses back and looked at the TV and it wasn’t even turned on.

The sleep paralysis continued and my younger sister who was about 23 and was a closet wiccan (young girls in 1990 LOL) thought she could stop the sleep

paralysis by asking it to leave me alone and come to her instead. She would never do that again as that is exactly what happened and I got a good night sleep.

She told me how she couldn’t move or talk and felt a pressure on top of her with a terrible smell in its breath.

This is what I endured most nights, years later I would read about the old hag syndrome or incubus/succubus but it wasn’t always like that. Other times it

would be a strange little white being with red eyes and a bloody mouth sometimes it was a rotting corpse either way I am sure I was being attacked by demons.

In my mid to late twenties my mother decided to contact her cousin who was a catholic nun, within weeks these attacks stopped and didn’t begin until in my mid

thirties after my mothers cousin had passed away.

I had begun working night shift and was having these strange attacks during the day from time to time, I would get a sign of what was to come I would hear

a horn like sound in my left ear and I would struggle to stay awake, try as I might I would fall asleep and experience the leg vibrations, the feel of falling and

then there it was pressure on my chest, paralysis and the feel of something in the room with me.

It was around this time I began to meditate and found that asking the angels and God for guidance and protection these incidents became few and far between.

In about 2005 I had a slight breakdown, I couldn’t bring myself to go into work on night shift and started crying uncontrollably, I drove out of the car-park and drove

about 150 km’s. Where I stopped and rang my wife and told what had happened, she said come home and we went and saw a doctor the next day.

I was diagnosed with depression and put on anti-depressants Efexor XR, I wasn’t allowed to work for six months and began seeing a Psychologist.

I began meditating a gain and combined with the meds started having some very strange insights and much lucid dreaming.

In one of the dreams I met the white creature with the red eyes and mouth and asked it what it wanted, it said it’s name was Pookah and upon research I found it

to exist in Irish folklore, I actually beat it up in a dream and it hasn’t been back since.

During these meditations I actually contacted my higher self who calls himself Ezekiel, but not the one from the bible just happens to share the same name.

This higher self during meditations told me to pray to God and ask for protection whenever sleep paralysis would ensue and it has worked.

He also said that he lost contact with me when I had the concussion when I was young and only with the help of the medication and meditation was he able to get

back in touch.

He has told me that organized religion is wrong and being controlled by evil forces but the ten commandments are true and to have faith in Jesus but not necessarily

organized religion which has been corrupted for a very long time.

Also the bible is in essence many stories put together, not necessarily the true word of God.

Many of the stories left out have as much relevance, and that the body of work as a whole is mightier than the bible itself.

Everything my higher self has told me has worked in my favor in more ways than I choose to go into now.

He has also told me that the Aliens and the demons that have plagued me are one and the same and use the persons fear against them.

They are parasitical and drain the victim of life force or energy.

This explains why I never had much energy after an attack.

I agree it is interesting that they are fearful of God, I think there is more to the biblical teachings than meets the eye.

Possible they are fallen angels and prey upon humanity, it just happens that Alien attacks are the modern version of the old hag syndrome.

Two years ago I had a dream where I was taken into a spaceship and was put on a metal table. Again I couldn’t’t move or speak and the grey implanted something

into my left foot.

For months I felt there was something in my foot, at times it caused pain, other times it was just uncomfortable. About four months after the dream I had another

dream where a human looking alien had landed his ship and walked towards me.

I remember this being had a brown beard and appeared Caucasian but his face seemed to be scarred by acne or something.

He said there is nothing to fear and I must admit I was panicking, he fired a beam at me and all around me seemed to be like a small tornado and I could feel tears coming

out of my eyes, this all stopped and said now you are fine.

I don’t remember much more only to wake up and for the first time in many months my foot felt fine, no discomfort and no pain.

I still have many lucid dreams and many dreams where I myself am actually flying without any mechanical help. What that means I am not sure.

I will just finish with a dream of two nights ago.

I am in the street and looking up and see a black pyramid shaped craft hovering, it has an almost marble texture it and the marbling is light and seems to be moved all


I wave at it and it begins to move away but at the same time I am being lifted towards it. I am then immersed in what I would call a beautiful golden light and i feel absolute

joy at this and amazement at what I am seeing.

I then find myself in the craft and see many other dumbfounded people all asking the same thing what are we doing here.

At that point a middle aged man walks up towards us and says welcome and tell’s us to be calm and that everything is OK.

He then begins to tell us that we have been deceived by the government of this world and that he is offering us a chance to have our spiritual DNA repaired as it has been

changed in such a way that we can never leave the reincarnation process and that we cannot remember passed lives and experience because of this. He went on to say that

we have been unfairly imprisoned and that they were there to help.

He said that with the dna adjusted you will remember past lives and live until at least 1000 years old.

In order to do this we must be willing to leave our loved ones behind, at that point I looked down a corridor to the left and could see soldiers marching. these soldiers were dressed

like roman centurions from the movies only all in black. He noticed that I had seen this and told me not to look as I was not ready for this yet.

I was then asked what I wanted to do and I said I have a young family and they need my support, I then woke up. Would I have woken up if I agreed?

Vivid dream yes, also very weird. Something strange is a foot and I do believe these aliens are mostly demonic by nature and that there is a war going on for our souls and they

are doing anything they can to get them. It seems their favorite mode is while we sleep through our dreams.

I hope some of this is interesting to you and that it can in some way help others.

For me the Journey is far more important than the destination, it’s more important how you choose to get there than how far you may go.

I believe all answers reside in ourselves there is too much disinformation and lies around us, the truth lies in ourselves and God.

Kind Regards


​The Testimony of Matt

Dear Joe Jordan…

I have come across your work through some of L.A. Marzulli, Chuck Missler and Thomas Horn’s material. I would like to share with you my personal testimony of an experience I had when I was 17 years old, (I am now 36) before I begin reading the testimonies on your website to find similarities. I would also like to thank you for the work that you have done in this area because the UFO/Alien phenomenon was a big hinderance to my personal relationship with Jesus and His Word when I was younger. There was just not enough information that told the “Whole story”.

I was a Junior in High School and my bedroom was on the second floor of our home in Toledo, Ohio. I had been interested in UFO related material and occultic activity but participated reluctantly. I had tried Astral Projection (according to the Time/Life series of books) with no success except for a strange feeling which caused me to give it up. I had used Ouija boards with an attitude that if there were spirits… they couldn’t touch me and had a very strange experience years before. (Which I attribute to the following testimony) My family had a menial Christian faith but not really walking with God or really believing it. Luckily my grandmother had always talked about Jesus as if she knew Him personally and had a great influence on me later.

I had gone to bed around 10:00 on a weekday night and was 10 minutes into sleeping when my sister turned the hall light on and woke me up. I am an extremely light sleeper so I got out of bed and slammed my bedroom door shut so that I could sleep. About 20 minutes after falling asleep, I felt a presence enter the room and what appeared to be a shadow move towards me… I screamed and pulled the covers over my head. My heart was pounding and I was telling myself that I must have been dreaming. It was only a dream. I tried to rationalize so I could calm down and about 5 minutes of heart pounding and breathing, I felt something sit, or jump onto my bed. I had a water bed back in the 90’s and I KNEW that I was awake at this point. It felt fairly heavy and it began to pant… the most wicked thing I’ve ever heard! I was so scared that I said out loud, “In the name of Jesus, Get OUT of here!” Whatever it was became totally silent and I didn’t know if it was waiting for me to do something… I didn’t feel it move or leave. After 20 minutes of cowering under the covers, I slowly reached my hand out and turned the light on above my head. I looked and there was nothing there. I scowered the room and looked in every closet and hiding place to see if my dog or cat was in the room but the door was closed that there was nothing there. I went down stairs and the dog was sitting next to my dad watching TV. I asked him if he heard me scream and he said no… He was oblivious.

Years later I became a Christian and really understood what it was to be a disciple of Jesus, I began to understand the significance of what took place in my room in 1994. The name of Jesus had stopped something from taking place and I thank God that it was HIS name I relied upon and not my own belief, not knowing at the time how powerful HIS name really is.

I don’t know what came into my room but I do know that the name of Jesus stopped it from going any further. If you find this story of any relevance, you have my permission to use this to help somebody else. Thank you once again for your research and God bless.


Stay tuned, more to come. JGJ